Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Doorway...

Of all my experiences in this life... the one that I continue to return to and enjoy more with each passing time is the most simple of all experiences. I love to lie on the ground.

I love to lie on the ground and stare at the vast open space that is the sky. I lie there watching the clouds and sometimes the sky becomes so bright that I can barely stand to open my eyes. Even when they are closed, I can still feel the powerful presence of this space that surrounds me in all directions... This vibrational and encompassing sacred space. 

Lying on the ground and watching the sky is a completely different experience from standing and looking up. Each time that I lie down to the bare ground I feel this overwhelming sensation of succumbing my entire being to the soil below me... of resting my bones and being cradled by my nurturing mother, the Earth.  I feel as though I am some vulnerable creature that is exposing myself to the elements and the wild nature of this world, yet rather than being fearful of what could approach me I am accepting of all possibilities. I feel safe in my mothers arms.

I've begun to feel that it is becoming more increasingly important to me to make an effort to spend some time each day watching the sky. I think what captures me the most is the constant change, every single second looks different than the last and every day provides a completely new scene and experience.  The sky will never again look exactly the same as it did yesterday and never again will it look exactly the same as it does today. It's always changing effortlessly and constantly. Sometimes I just lay there smiling with tears streaming down my face at the absolute beauty of it all. How wondrous and magical that I am blessed to exist in this amazing Universe. 

I couldn't say that I believe in miracles because every moment feels like a pure miracle. I honestly feel this way... just watching an anthill could make me feel as though every little living parting of that ant hill is a complete miracle. It's all just life and it all just is.  It is absolutely amazing and I refuse to ever take it for granted and get lost in the sorrows of my own little life.  Once we realize that we are all connected... not only to every human being, but to EVERY THING... that's when we begin to feel a lot less lonely and see that our personal problems aren't quite as immense as we once thought them to be. Sure, it's easy to get caught up in that game with the ego, in fact, it can be difficult not to... but I think that's why I am so enamored and in complete awe with the sky. When I look at every thing I see "God", but to me... when I look to the sky it's like looking into the eyes of God. The doorway... When I walk through that door I am reminded of my place in this Universe and that it is more significant, powerful and lasting than my ego ever would allow me to believe... let alone to know.

So this is my encouragement to you...
Look up to the sky and if you have a moment then lay down too.
Breathe it all in and Love it all out.
Every single moment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. How will you spend it?

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