Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Doo Nanny Festival 2011

This past Friday, Saturday and Sunday the event that is known as the 15th Annual Doo Nanny Festival took place in Seale, Alabama.  I found out about the festival about two weeks ago, so I was too late to set up an art booth. I was also too late to participate in camping out for the weekend. I do, however, plan to participate in both next year. The 80 acres of land is owned by an artist and craftsman named Butch Anthony and was formerly owned by Butch's grandfather as farm land.

Butch became an artist in 1994 when his friend, John Henry, who also lives in a cabin on the land, found a turnip that looked like it had a face on it. John decided to draw the turnip and together they put the drawing up in local thrift shop for fifty dollars.  Soon after the drawing sold and Butch thought to himself, that if John Henry could do it so could he. Butch decided to draw something as well and add it to the shop. His first drawing sold and since then he has been creating art.

Butch's art is different in many ways than a lot of the traditional art we mostly see.  He is able to use salvaged materials, what most would call junk, and turn it into art.  This form of art has always fascinated me. Many people like to use the term folk art for this particular art, however, it is difficult to me to see art as only one genre. With every artist, the artwork is so different that you can not necessarily give it a label and name is folk art.  When the discussion is boiled down, it is simply art and that is what matters.  It makes you think and grow mentally. You become more aware when viewing art.

Anyways, the festival is coined by most as a "folk art" festival. That is fine, because they are folks who make art and I can't disagree with that.  For the festival to be located 25 minutes from my house, I was quite amazed at the amount of artist and people that attended. I enjoyed viewing all of the artwork, and plan on bringing more spending money next year. Between Tyler, Maryann and myself we bought from three booths and all were very humble souls. I enjoyed the company and conversation of the people that I met and ending up making contacts with a nice couple from New Orleans who are opening up a vintage shop on Magazine Street.

Ahh, it's nice to have attended another art and music festival. I have been over due for one of those for a while. To any whom may one day have the opportunity I recommend attending events like the Doo Nanny for inspiration and enjoyment.

"FRED" Found Recycled Eclectic Design  by Billy FRED Hellams

"Big Woods Art" by Joe >http://www.bigwoodsart.com/index.html

The Mad Potter

"The Life of a Trailer"

some very nice ladies who let me play their washtub bass 

This is exactly what it looks like... Have your photo taken in a vagina!

The Art of Ralph, a local artist from Columbus, Ga.

This guy played his hand crafted spoons for me, before i purchased a pair.

The Bibb City Ramblers w/ Will Dockery

A wooden vagina, that was burned that night.

entering the wooden vagina....

Did I mention the free food? Doo Nanny features an outdoor kitchen where you can volunteer to cook in exchange for the free food and good vibes.


wood fueled hot tub and solar powered showers

Butch Anthony's workshop...

Upon meeting Mr. Anthony...

Entering Butch Anthony's Museum of Wonder in Seale, AL


  1. Yes I have. Have been following Butch already for some time now and have to say I'm fascinated by what he makes. Too bad I live so far but one day, one day I will attend Doo-Nanny.

  2. I am very glad to have found Butch's work. I hope to purchase a piece when I return to the festival next year.

    I am also following your blog now, thank you for finding mine. Perhaps we will meet at a future Doo Nanny when I've got a booth.

  3. Now that is a fantastic idea. Need to start saving big time first but who knows ...

  4. I just keep coming back to take a look again and again and again....

  5. Thank you! I have FINALLY uploaded all of the photos, that took a while. My next post will feature photographs of Butch's home that he built from salvaged materials.

  6. Dear Friend,

    He has an Etsy shop now (http://www.etsy.com/people/museumofwonder). Super cool, huh! I had a fabulous time at the Doo Nanny this year too. I loved looking through your photo's.

    Fritzi Marie

  7. i absolutely love these pictures. what an amazing event. seriously, i am so deeply disappointed that i've never heard of/been to (and probably never will get to go to) this festival. but at least i feel like i got to experience a lot of it through your photos. thank you for sharing.

  8. It was an amazing event, I am looking forward to next year's Doo Nanny. I'll keep my fingers crossed so that you one day have the opportunity to attend this festival. I am glad that you like the photographs, events like that are on of my favorite subjects for photography. I will be posting photos of Butch's home soon, which he built himself.

  9. Enjoyed looking around...peace Brian Bibb City