Saturday, January 4, 2014

Beautifully Bizarre

Lately I've had this feeling that nearly everyone I meet, I've met before. In a very strange way, their faces seem familiar to me. It's almost as if I've met with them in another time and space, not that we've known each other deeply but just that we crossed paths at some point. The best example that I can give is that I just began working a new job in a city that I've never lived before where all of the people are new to me, yet I feel as though almost every customer that walks in and comes to the counter I have met before and the same goes for many of the people that I work with and for. It's as if I were to say " I know you from somewhere, have we met before?" I say nothing, but I still have this strange feeling so very often. Not with every single person, but so so many that it's just odd and I can't help but to constantly notice it with each working day as I interact with such a mass amount of people.

Today I experienced the feeling of Deja Vu while I was on my lunch break at work. I sat at the bar and ate whilst a family seated next to me enjoyed their lunch. The father of the family was speaking, at the moment I honestly can't even remember what he was speaking of... But it struck me that I had felt the entire scenario before, sometime in my life experience I had felt this whole scene in life; the atmosphere, the food, the family. It was almost as if it were all predestined, as if I had dreamt it the week before and now it was all coming to past and somehow in the wild glimpse of the moment I had caught it and realized that I created it.  

On the note of dreams, I've had this wild thought lately that perhaps these strangers that I see in my dreams are people that exist in the waking world. Perhaps even, these people who in waking life seem so familiar to me... I have met in a dream?  Or beyond the dream realm (which is SO mysterious and wondrous in itself), I could have even graced these souls in other lifetimes which my memory can not recall. Some things feel so deeply interconnected to us, without ever having directly experienced it. It's as though we've already lived through it before. 

I won't dive too deep here... But this is just a little slice of what's been on my plate lately.
 Life is infinitely interesting and so beautifully bizarre, it's such a wild ride.

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