Monday, November 11, 2013


It's been quite sometime since I've posted here, but alas, I have returned again with tales of adventures and love, infinite delicious like honey on the tongue LOVE. Yes, it's a beautiful thing.

So here is a bit of a recap on what has happened in this patch of the world that I roam...
The last time that I posted I mentioned that we were preparing to move into our new home... 
here is what we've been up to since then...

>We held the first "Far Out Arts Show"in our home just before we began to pack the house and prepare for the moving experience. We allowed total strangers to come into our home (granted we had plenty of friends to help make things run smoothly) and received 5 admission from those who came inside the house to view the art~ with that came a drink, snacks, a raffle to win a piece of my art & live music by The Mutha Funkers) I invited a few other friends over who are artists and let them display/sell their work as well.  In all, it was a good experience and I always enjoy hosting events and creating an interesting environment for others to partake in. 

> I was also thrilled to find that the mushroom season was still going strong thanks to the massive amounts of rain we received (which wasn't so exciting when my garden was flooded) Yet, I'm still grateful... Anyhow, my brother and I picked a total of 5 1/2 lbs of chanterelle mushroom that were soooo delicious, especially cooked in butter with some fresh herbs. It may very well be one of my favorite cooked foods, ever. And the joy of picking is almost unbearable, I feel much like a child in search of hidden treasures. 

>We took our friend Sandra on her first backpacking trip... Actually, it was her first hiking trip. She's a city gal, but mother nature welcomed her with open arms and she accepted with gratitude and caution. I had almost forgotten was it was like to experience those things for the first time, being in nature isn't so new to me so watching her was like watching a child discover wondrous new beauty. We ran around barefoot, followed curious noises in the night, played in the stream, filmed the meeting of two snakes that were face to face atop a branch of the stream, ran our fingers over every texture of fungi and moss imaginable and laughed into the the darkness. Did I mention that we forgot a back up pair of batteries for our water filter? Yeah, that happened too...


>Random, but I finished Shelby's dreadlocks...  She's a sweet friend of ours who decided she'd like to get her hair locked up. (Something I do locally for extra income, and because it's awesome helping people out) Her hair is very long and soft, all the way down to the bottom of her back and it took me for what seems like forever to lock it all up... But eventually I locked every bit, and it's so pretty. :)

>Volunteer Workshops were held at our house on Sundays, to prepare for the upcoming Good Vibes Gathering. We painted trash cans, created decorations, made memorabilia to sell and pass out at the event and overall just got really crafty and happy together. It was a good way to bring our little community together before the event.

^ On the 17th & 18th the Good Vibes Gathering was held on the land where I used to live in Pine Mountain. This was the second year that I help this event and it was beautiful, once again.  I can't put the feeling into words very well, or even why I do it... there is just something very loving and magical about it that keeps this little flame lit in my heart. It's brought many families closer together in some ways and it's also made my family grow much much larger. I feel like it's given a sense of community to the area that was lacking before, and I love to see people leaving feeling inspired and in love with the world again with a renewed faith and hope in humanity. It's just a beautiful thing, and I want it to live in for many years to come.  I'm not sure if I'll do it again next year and if so, where the space would be, but I know that I will make it happen again. It's too beautiful not too, and to have people tell you that it changed their lives is an amazing thing to know.

>After the gathering we had one day to clean all of the land and clear the chaos of a mess that was at our house, then we were on to the next adventure... A trip to Florida to visit Landon's loving, giving, wonderful grandparents. We had a beautiful time enjoying their home, amazing lunch and dinners, taking our dog, Sasha, to the beach for the first time, visiting St. Petersburg and Tampa for some amazing eateries. My personal favorite being SushiPop in Tampa <3 a="" also="" bring="" comment-3--="" custom="" etsy="" forgot="" from="" hoop="" i="" in="" local="" made="" mine="" picked="" seller="" since="" to="" town="" up="" us.="" was="" while="" with="">
Her etsy shop is Helio Hoops and her hoops are beautiful, she is also on facebook and instagram.

>Lastly, we returned home and packed the house like madmen. My organized mind became a little cluttered here and there, but I trucked on through it all pretty smoothly. In order to get our deposit back, we had to repaint the kitchen, cabinets and hallway back to the original vomit yellow that it was... So that was a pain in the ass... But it's done with now and we're happy about that. :)

> We moved into a new home!! We left Pine Mountain and moved another hour north(ish) to Gay, Georgia... a very tiny town. We had SO much to move and a big heavy piano, but luckily our family is always there for us when we need them. So, with the help of many men we were in our new home overnight. Everything had found a place after two weeks... although I still haven't fully approached the shed and organized that heap of stuff. All in all, the house is lovely and we're very happy to have 3 bedrooms versus one. We now have two studio rooms, one for art and crafts and the other for music.  We plan to get some goats, chickens and a cow or two in the spring and are looking forward to making another beautiful and bountiful garden. Life is good. 

^ The 4th was my birthday. Family joined us and we all worked together to make hand rolled pasta. My gifts were thoughtful and lovely, it was a wonderful day.  Landon gifted me my first-ever professional massage by our friend, Karen, who we are going into business with (that post is to come soon). It was a full body massage that including aromatherapy and chakra healing. It is now a goal of main to eventually be able to have a massage on a monthly or semi-monthly basis. I feel that it is something my body needs and that it will be very helpful in many aspects of my life. It is also something that I am inspired to learn more about and Landon has even recently mentioned going to school for it. Ahh, that would be great.

>Since we settled into our new home we've basically been working... almost non-stop it feels at times. Landon is doing a bit of an odd job right now, working as a landscaper until we get our business up and running. I've also been odd-jobbing it lately... I painted three rooms in a house for pay and was then offered to paint the remainder of the house in exchange a car. I like bartering, and we really need a car so that I can get another job to bring in more income... so I accepted the offer and now I'm slowly but surely painting the entire house. So soon enough... I'll have that car and I'll have a new job too.   Once again, life is good. BECAUSE life is what you make it, so if you want to be happy then you have to create that happiness for yourself. Only you can make that happen. <3 nbsp="" p="">