Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Keep Moving OM

The time has finally come for us to leave our little cottage here in Pine Mountain and move onto to bigger and better things. We are taking the next step in our journey of life which gets us a few inches closer to where we ultimately wish to be one day, the Appalachian Mountains. 

Till that time, we'll be running our own little business with some good friends of ours. I can't say much now, in fear of the information leaking out prematurely- but time will surely tell.  

As of now, we are preparing to be out of the cottage by September 1st and I am hoping to find a good replacement to continue to rent this wonderful little home.  I really do love it here, but I feel that we've stayed our welcome and now it's time for us to progress forward. So this is it, our last hurrah... A month in a half remaining and then we'll be on our way to the next adventure. 

Admittedly, it's difficult to describe the waves of stress that I sometimes put myself through. Considering the idea of packing everything up into a Uhaul and unloading it all again, well I suppose that part really isn't so bad...  But, I've really been struggling financially lately and that can be a tough thing to go through. As positive as I am, the financial problems can still seep their way deep inside my conscious sometimes and create little seeds of worry. I try my best not to water those seeds because I know that nothing good could ever come from it. So here I sit, scheming up new ways to bring in money through my various talents and all the while looking up to this grand Universe for hope.  I must remember, that I am made of stardust and the power of the cosmos lives within me.  At any point, I have the ability to create and control my reality- and that is something that I must never ever forget. 

A last look at the earth oven that we built, before we had to tear it down... 
(We rent the property, so everything that we've built must go)

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