Monday, November 26, 2012


I don't have any new photographs, due to a broken lens... 
But I do have new words

When you awaken to the truth that is the lies and corruption of society, that is one thing. You're becoming awakened and aware, that perhaps what you are being fed isn't as tasteful as you once thought it to be. Good, that's a good thing to become aware of. But don't stay there! Don't get caught in the negativity, don't dwell within fear and place your worries upon others. You must move be
yond that and realize that indeed, you DO have the ability to change the world. Yes, YOU... little ole' you and the folks that you surround yourself with. Because you see, if you live in fear of society and "people who are above you"...Well, you're helping to create that! You are partaking in the corruption by cupping fear in the palms of your hands and gently rocking it- keeping it safe and sound. You're constantly telling people to WAKE UP... But are you REALLY awake? If you really want to OPEN your eyes, then you must OPEN your heart. Yes, it's a wild world and there are lots of "bad" folks out there, but you must BE the change. You must live in the LIGHT of LOVE, because that is the most powerful vibration. If you treat others with love, kindness and forgiveness- then you ARE changing the world. More people will join you on that level of love, on that frequency of kindness. Because you see, things REALLY are changing all around us. It's happening NOW and you can be a part of it too, simply let go of fear. Shed your ego until you find your soul. BE LOVE.

((Don't get caught up in the ILLUSION of what is happening.))


  1. Thank you for this blog. I really enjoyed reading it. So much of what you said I feel is right. You articulted it in a new way for me. Thanks once again. Clive

  2. Indeed, Love & Light
    I'm humbled and grateful that you found my blog.