Friday, October 12, 2012

To be alive is to be Free...

Yesterday I took a walk into the garden and strolled around the yard... 
Breathing deeply within each moment. 
And I tapped into this feeling...
this indescribable earthy feeling. 
This feeling that I've known many times before, one that is always there awaiting me each and every second of the day... just longing for me to reach out and grab it.
I remember the first time that I became aware of this feeling...
the notion that, indeed, WE ARE ALL ONE.
All that surrounds me is within me. All that is above and below me is deep within me. 
I am an ocean of love and light... 
Swimming all throughout my being is the cosmos. 

The first time that I became aware of this, I had eaten a dried fungi that was said to be magical.
Indeed it was. And so am I.   You see, those little mushrooms were only a key.  
A key that unlocked a door for me...
And now that door is wide open. It may even be off the hinges... I am not quite sure that I ever closed the door after I stepped through it.    
And now it's so easy for me to just step right in at any given moment. 

To glance around me in awe at the beauty and wonders of nature and life itself.
The bees buzzing around me collecting pollen from the vibrant flowers.
The ants below me working together as one.
The trees surrounding me, gifting me the very oxygen that I breath. 
WE are continuously giving and receiving.  And the gifts are so beautiful.
This gift of life itself, I am incredibly grateful for.   
To be alive is to be FREE. 
The entire Universe is within YOU, just waiting to be explored.
 Look around you. It's beautiful!  

Every day I am amazed at the joy of living and love. 
Every day is a gift, a blessing. 
What will you do with your gift? 


  1. This is mesmerizing

  2. There is so much beauty and truth in your words. I too have stepped through that door and there is no going back. As I read I was reminded of that famous William Blake quote "If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite"
    When I walk along the tree lined streets of my neighborhood I try to take in the breathe, energy,and gifts the trees give to my life...These moments are so important.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  3. How wonderful.. I love this.x