Sunday, August 30, 2015


We've recently nestled into a new living/studio space and are finally beginning to feel nice and cozy... most things have found their place in the home and the studio has surpassed its many phases of boxes rotating from corner to corner in the room as things are drug out and shuffled around until their placed in just the right spot. A lot of arranging and rearranging has been taking place... Before that, a lot of purging took place. We got rid of A LOT of stuff. It was just that, stuff. Our lives had become a little crowded with stuff and it was so easy to accumulate because we had an abundance of space to fill. We scaled down from a house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a horse stable and a barn on five acres of land to a little suburban house that we split with my loves brother and have all but two rooms to ourselves. It doesn't sound that great, but it's actually been the biggest blessing. 

I learned the lesson of simplifying my life... There is something to be said about getting rid of stuff, things that aren't really particularly useful but we've somehow added value to and even held an attachment to. So, in the act of shedding material possessions I was also granted a sense of shedding old mental baggage... Cutting down the old and decaying and making way for fresh new growth. 
There is also something a bit therapeutic to me about moving into a new space and having the opportunity to start all over. The rooms are empty and the walls are blank. 

This particular experience of re-filling a room has been interesting for us because in the last two years we have had two separate studio spaces; one for arts/crafts and the other for music. We had to take a good hard look at everything and consider what was important to keep for our expansion in the creative realm and what was simply going to be considered clutter in the new, much smaller space. 
We've managed to combine the two rooms into one and it's worked out quite well. I like to think of the space as being a bit of a yin yang... music on one side and art on the other, with a little of both mixed into each other. 

As I type this, I sit with my cat, Gaia, at my sewing table facing the window into the backyard... My love is busy weaving together music just behind me, filling the house with a soft thump, rolling bass lines and an ambient guitar groove which is being layered upon each other with the help of a loop pedal. All feels right. The studio is so beautifully organized and I'm proud of myself for managing to turn a room full of boxes and furniture that was piled from the wall to the door into a place where the energy flows. 

 I have just recently emerged from my hibernation period in the realms of being the crafty goddess that I am. A resting period was much needed... dreamtime...Wherein, I had the most beautiful of dreams and now am experiencing the opportunity to bring it all to life. Something is different about the way I am creating now, here in the space and this time. I went through this period of inner reflection and experienced such a big shift in my personal perceptions and how I present myself to the world. In a way, I was going through a transformation... That transformation has brought about beautiful change in my life, wherein I am riding the waves and really learning to trust in the Universe and go with the flow.  

When I am creating, I feel so guided by Spirit and this beautiful energy is just flowing right through me.  I am literally wildy in love with every single piece that is coming through my hands! Every day I feel inspired and so excited about the gifts that I have to share with the world. For a long time I was worried that I may have to fit myself into a niche, one little box and that be my one main thing... Yet, I know that if I really want to honor myself and be happy in this life, I have the be true to myself... And the truth is, I am a person of many interest and talents that will continue to expand throughout my life and I have the right to be stoked about EVERY single one of those things. 

Thus, as my intuition has always told me... I will follow every passion that ignites my spirit. This blog is about my life, not just one specific aspect of it. We are human beings. We are strong, creative and courageous... We have wild hearts and we should follow them! So, this is my journey and I want to share every bit of life that inspires me in hopes that it will inspire others, too!

 Thus, here is what I have been up to this past week; making absolutely beautiful and unique adornments for people of likewise nature...I can't wait to see what beautiful soul vessels will grace these creations! I sure hope that they feel as fucking fantastic and EMPOWERED when wearing them as I do while creating them.
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