Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Heaven is here on Earth

 "I saw God the other day. She looked like you, He looked like me." 
-Victor Wooten

There are so many beautiful and kind people in this world, you just have to open your heart to see them!  I am so grateful for the kindness from strangers that I have experienced.

Yesterday, I visited the post office with 3 packages to ship, all of which totaled to a bit more than I had expected. I paid for the first two, knowing that I only had a small amount on my card and decided I would pay for the third with a separate card, which declined. The third box was covered in hearts and a belated "Merry Christmas", a gift for loved ones. Just as I was mustering up the words to ask for the box back so that I could ship it when I had more money... A man steps in from behind, "I don't mean to be nosey, but I can pay that for you." .... I hesitated, he tells me "It's just seven dollars." I replied with "That's a good chunk of change!" My eyes started to swell... I was on the verge of bursting into tears simply because of the kindness this man had shown me. Needless to say, he paid for my package and I thanked him several times... I walked out with a smile and eyes holding back a fountain of tears.   I really can't put into words the financial stress that I have been through as of late...

We just never know what is going on in a persons life at any given time or what they have been through. 

 I felt like that man was an angel. It's funny how we come across good people and feel like they are angels... The truth is, we live in a society where we so rarely connect with people. We lack a feeling of community and often see many people in a given day, yet rarely do we look into their eyes or exchange words with genuine meaning or love- let alone reach out to them with help! 
So, in a city setting where everyone is a stranger- it feels so rare to come across a stranger who is willing to connect with you on some level... When we finally meet these people, they are gleaming with light and stand above all the rest because in our eyes they seem like rare gems.   If you've met an "angel", hold that memory with you forever... and if you ever see a good opportunity, be an angel.
The world needs more LOVE, more selflessness and more acceptance. 
Don't be afraid to look deeply into a complete strangers eyes, if even for a moment - You never know what medicines of wisdom they may have to offer.  

Our souls thirst for this connection, for this giving spirit of love. 

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