Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One step closer...

It's comical to me that the qualities of a Virgo are to be organized and analytical, yet I almost always never have a predestined blog post in mind. I often fancy various topics that I could blog about, but ultimately, when I click on the 'new post' button my mind is blank and the words that begin each new post are spontaneous and at times surprising to myself, as if they appear from no where.
I now realize, that this too is a quality of a Virgo, and perhaps interferes with the former qualities.
The quality that I speak of, being described as allowing my actions to manifest quicker than my thought process.  I suppose at certain times, this is an advantage, but it is generally not a 'quality' that one wishes to have.

Reminiscing upon my youth.... Only kidding, I'm still in my youth.  I will reconstruct that statement as follows:  Reminiscing upon, well, my life... I notice that often times I spoke ahead of myself. My opinions were so strong, and possibly at times narrow-minded, that I went straight forward with my first thought, which ultimately was an opinion, and let it out for everyone to hear.  Being blunt can have it's advantages, for example, eventually your mom stops asking you "Do these pants make my butt look big?" Because she knows, inevitably, that her reply will be "Yes, your butt looks exactly how it is."
So in that sense, it wards off people who are looking for answers of satisfaction versus the honest truth.
But in the end, is that really an advantage?  Yes, it feels good to tell the truth, but does is really hurt to tell a white lie in order to appease the other person? 

Perhaps it is okay.  However, if we do this all of the time, then people go about living in a world of make believe.  I enjoy the make believe world, but, if every unhealthy person gallivants about thinking they are in optimum health... then what? I suppose then, ignorance is bliss.... Until your health gets the best of you.  I really do not know if there is a point that I am trying to make here, other than simply admitting that I have spent many years of my life in the world of "straight" thinking and considering personal opinion to be of high importance.

Now I have begun to realize that personal opinion often boils down to the ego.
Of course we all have emotions and preferences and we will always have personal opinion...
But the problem is that we always see things as being "different". We are always viewing the difference in things, versus the similarity. And it is from that unknown ignorance of only seeing the differences, that negativity is allowed to manifest.  When we begin to see the similarities between ourselves and others, positivity will be given the opportunity to expand. I am not just speaking of he similarities between ourselves and other humans, but all organisms, even the things that we consider beastly. We consider them beastly because we view them as being different, which allows for negativity.  If we can simply see the similarities between ourselves and the things that we so often fear, then the positive can begin to overcome the negatives.  Then we move one step closer to global consciousness, because we are accepting our similarities. We are seeing that we are not as different as we initially thought from the insects, the fungi, the creatures of the night, and so on...

After all...
"There is nothing to fear but fear itself."  -Franklin D. Roosevelt

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