Saturday, March 12, 2016

Peach Fuzz

I remember the first time that I shaved my legs. I was eleven years old and in the fifth grade. Eleven. I can only imagine how strange it must have felt for my mother to have me ask that question. When can I shave my legs? All the other girls in my class didn't have hairy legs and I was beginning to notice seeing as how I had a new crush. It was my first year in public schooling, fifth grade. I liked a boy and wanted him to like me back, but first I had to make sure my legs were shaved so that I was more of a girl worth liking. Isn't that silly? 

 I remember the moment my mom said yes. I was thrilled and she told me I could only shave up to my knees. Eager to look like a real woman, I shaved all the way up my thighs. I was so excited that when I came out of the shower I flaunted my legs and strutted around the living room asking my mom and aunt to feel how smoooooth it was. (She noticed the thighs.) It was so smooth. I was getting there. I barely had fuzz under my armpits, but my legs were shaved. The boys would like me now. I had this idea (like most girls) that my body hair was unappealing and needed to be stripped away. I was paranoid that other kids would think my legs were ugly or the girls wouldn't think I was mature. Silly, isn't it? 

In my late teens, I dated a guy a few years older than me. I learned a lot from that relationship that I keep till this day, but part of that lesson was not to settle for someone who wants to mold you. I remember being told that my legs should always be smooth, every single day and that I should make more of an effort to be sexy. I was still trying to figure out how to love myself and being told by someone to look sexy. I'm not blaming him for being that way at that time, because he was a product of his environment and so was I. Everywhere that we looked in the media we images of an unrealistic woman. To be the unrealistic woman you should always have smooth legs, perfect skin, round perky tits, hairless pits and so on. For women, this image is shoved down our throats by television, magazines, billboards, etc. from a very young age. 

We live in a time that is very masculine driven and it seems almost as if there are these unspoken rules about how to be a woman in a man's world. So many things about women are unspoken in general. Our body hair, our menstruation, our birthing. These things are made taboo or "gross". We have to take back our womanhood, our rights to live as we please and we must SPEAK UP. Your body hair is not gross. Your moon blood is not gross. We must honor ourselves, we are the ones who bring new life to this planet! We are beautiful just as we are. That is not to say that I am speaking against body hair removal. I fucking LOVE feeling smooth and silky! In fact, I just saved yesterday for the first time in months. The point is, I do what I want when I want. 


If you don't, I highly recommend trying it. 

Just do what feels good for you.     

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