Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Loving Place to Call Home

Today is Father's Day.
 On this day I am always reminded of the father that is lacking in mine and my siblings lives. I have so much gratitude for being brought into this world, but I cannot help but to feel bitter at times. The bitterness is selfish, and this I know to be true... So I must raise my head and look around me at the amazing men that have entered my life and had such a great influence on myself, as well as those who have been there to support my brother and sister.  Landon's father, Craig, welcomed me with open arms from the moment he met me. He gave me a loving place to call home and is without a doubt one of the most selfless people that I know (along with my mother). 

I've learned time and again that we have the power to build our own families and draw the people that we want near into our lives. There is so much love around us, we just have to open our hearts to seeing and feeling it. So, to my father who brought me into this world- despite him not being here for us, I thank him. He has taught me valuable lessons and I wouldn't take a minute of it back to trade in for something better. Whatever life brings you... it really is all a part of the journey. I really do believe that you have to encounter the dark to see the light... Had I not been through my experiences, I may not realize how AMAZING the men in my life are today.
I have gratitude for every single step along the way. 
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