Sunday, January 4, 2015


HAPPY NEW YEAR, beautiful souls!
This is my collective wish for all of us... May this blessing stay close to your hearts.
>>>...that you follow and trust in the guiding light deep inside
> Listen to your instincts and the gut-feelings you get...
> Focus deeply on what you want out of life and set your intentions...
> Manifest those dreams into reality and live the life you fantasize about.
> Find moments of simple pleasure and joy from the little things
> Tune into the awareness of how connected you are to everything around you
> Change old patterns of thinking and banish habits which no longer serve you
> Smile at strangers and show them love
> Be compassionate and forgiving
> Be a selfless giver
> Honor your body with nourishing food and movement
> Spend time with the ones you love
> Savor moments of big bellied laughter & learn from those of deep sorrow
> Learn to love yourself. Make time for you. When you love yourself, you are loving everyone else because they are simply a reflection of you!
> Remember your divinity, we're all made of stardust! The possibilities are endless.
> Stay humble. Be true to yourself. Do things that make you feel wild and free.
> Step outside of your comfort zone & explore new places, people and things.

The only constant in this life is change... And in order for us to evolve and grow into our true selves and honor that- we must be open to adapting to that change. I love to relate life to other creatures and consider the lessons they have to offer, animal medicine. In this case, I feel much like a bear coming out from hibernation or a snake having just moulted... such a necessary phase into this next stepping stone on the pathway of the great red road. Cheers. xoxo

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