Friday, January 30, 2015

Cheers to Letting Go!

Moving into this new year, I spent a lot of time reading blogs and listening to videos from healers, astrologists and other people who are tuned in to their psychic nature and sharing that wisdom with the world... The one thing that stood out to me the most, was that this year is yet another of transformation- but a large part of that metamorphosis is dropping old baggage and getting rid of the victim mentality. This theme has been on repeat everywhere I look... 

Getting rid of the victim mentality and dropping old baggage. 

Not only do I continue to read and hear about it, but I am seeing and experiencing it as well. It is oh so true and so necessary for us to evolve and transition into a collective consciousness. 
It's a mental spring cleaning... out with the old and in with the new. 

We have to break ourselves free from the thought patterns that have trapped us down. These ideals that we've set in stone and were so certain that no storm could tear them down... sometimes you've just got to take a hammer and smash that old weathered stone to pieces so that you can build the rubble into something new... and you have to see that once you begin to build that wall the work will never be done... There will always be a new stone to add or places to tear down.  It is never ending work, but realizing that you should do SOMETHING to the wall is the first step of awakening. 

I'm tearing down sections and adding new pieces and it is really a daily practice if you want your life to be fulfilling, because what I've noticed is that if you just work a little on the wall and then come back to it a week or a few moths down the road, it's going to be so...blah. just blah. The beauty that you left has to be dusted off and you have to find yourself again within the stone.  So this is the lesson I am learning... that I am creating myself EVERY single day... I am such a different person than I was just a few weeks ago and that is because I am opening myself up... I am tearing old unused things down and building something new and more improved with each day. It's just a part of life and you have to ride aaallll the waves, the highs and the lows. Because baby, it ain't always high. As much as I'd love to tell you this world has the potential for 100% positivity, I just don't see it that way. There is a balance, a yin and yang and you have to see the dark in order to experience the light. Without the darkness, you'd never know how to be thankful for the light when it shines down on you.   The tears, the fears, the laughter and ecstasy- it's all a part of this trip and that isn't going to fade away. So, we've got to learn how to ride these waves when they came, the highs and the lows. It all just is. 

OK... I nearly got lost in my wall analogy, back to the subject of releasing the victim mentality. 
What that means is that ideal that everyone else is to blame and you are the victim and that bad things happen to you but you just don't understand why and it's not fair. Oh, but love... again I tell you, it's all just a part of life! EVERYTHING that happens to you is an experience that can be learned from. And you must remember, that the person you were 1 year ago, 6 years ago, 13 years ago and so on.... that isn't you in the sense of who you are now! The person that I woke up today as is completely separate from say, my 14 year-old self.   All of the fucked up things that I may have experienced in the past DO NOT have to make up the person that I am today! & whats more is that I can actually learn from them. 

I love this shift, this recognition that so many of us are experiencing together. It's very much real and I am so happy to be a part of this time and living my life. I've known so many people who have blamed the circumstances of their past for their present, and I myself had experienced that at some point- but to see that people are moving past that is so beautiful.  There is this song by Nahko Bear & Medicine for the People where he sings about being so thankful and giving his mom a little kiss, one of the lyrics says "Never thought I'd give thanks to rape, but that's how I got here today." 
THAT IS DEEP. That is fucking deep, just think about that. 
The light that springs up from the darkness...Wow!

I am grateful for all of my experiences. All of my family. All of my friends. The people that I've met. The fucked up situations that I was a part of. The times I felt broken-hearted. My suicidal teenage self. What it felt like to fall in love. Witnessing drug addiction. Holding my baby sister as a child.
All of these experiences have been lessons. Some of them may have taken me 10 years to learn- but it's all just a part of life. I'm having SO many child hood flashbacks as of late, just completely random visions of my past and it's so fascinating to consider what impact those things had on me.   But to not be attached is the key, to look at your past with insight and without holding a grudge or judgement. When you do that, you see that are a new person today and every day. Every moment, every breath.

Cheers to letting go!

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