Monday, January 6, 2014

The Big Question...

Today, a coworker asked me what my denomination was...
I told her that I am spiritual and not religious.
She asked me to explain.
& so I did.

I told her that (I believe) I am God and she is God too. Everything that surrounds us is God... the entire Universe is God.  Everything is connected, everything is ONE.

She asked what I thought happened after death.   We spoke for some short time and then we reentered the realm of the "real world" and returned to our duties. In that short moment, the ego melted and we could actually speak about LIFE. The grand meaning of life,...which I told her that I love the mystery too much to seek for ultimate answers. I'm not going to worry much about finding the truth about how everything came into existence when I can just BE.  

I generally don't throw too many details out there in conversation about my views on life, death and religion, but, I just felt that she was being so receptive and open so I told her what I felt like letting out. It was interesting and interesting is good. I think above all, I just enjoy the opportunity of being able to speak beautiful and positive things into the atmosphere and allowing those vibrations to reverberate.  To think that the vibrations of those words are still lingering in that space, well, it's just an amazing thought.

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