Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Strange is My Middle Name

Things have been busy lately, which has been quite nice.  I'm currently preparing for my favorite local festival, the Doo-Nanny, which is taking up most of my daily work hours to reach the goals that I have made for my booth.   This will be my third year in attendance and my second go-round as a vendor.   I love the doo-folk, they're a big hearted and freakish blend of peoples- just the way that I like it. Strange is my middle name.
Not really, but it sounds good. 

Anyhow, it seems that I'm almost constantly crafting something with my hands or dreaming up something in my mind.    Oh, the list of things that I have been and currently are creating... Close to me sits a canvas that is thus far purple and blue with specks and little white circles bubbling up from the bottom. I plan to add more circles and have a little patch of mushrooms growing from the top.  Over on the corner table lies the top half of a red pixie hat with the crochet hook still resting in the knot of yarn, just waiting on me to come and work on it a little more.  I also plan to add a few white mushrooms on that.   I'm not sure what it is with me and the mushrooms lately, I've always had this deep respect for them but there is something about the spring that allows my mind to dream often of the funky fungi that is to come.  
I'm so happy that spring is here & just in case that I do not blog tomorrow- because I probably will not.... HAPPY SPRING EQUINOX. 
 Celebrate the seasons, moon phases, transitions of the planets....
CELEBRATE THE UNIVERSE. Because life is grand and you are a cosmic soul. 

With that said, I'll return to were I was... I'm on a inspiration and creation spree.
I'm creating necklaces, earrings, pixie hats, dread tams, armbands/chokers, single feather earrings, recycled vintage clothing, rings, wallets, barefoot sandals, headpieces, paintings, drawings and I'm sure that there are plenty of other items that I have forgotten to mention.  I've got this crazy goal to buy a new tent with walls before the festival...which is next weekend, so we shall see how that goes.    My plan is to sell enough items in my etsy shops (between NOW and next week) to buy a tent, fill my register and pay for gas and food for the weekend.   I'm beginning to wonder if this plan is ridiculous and unrealistic, but I will try my best to stay optimistic abut this situation. 

So, now that my plan is out- I'd like to ask for help! 
 If you'd like to, please show support to me as an artist. 
Here is a list of my traits that can be supported online via etsy:
Thrifty Gypsies// handmade jewelry and accessories: www.ThriftyGypsies.etsy.com
Resting Nomad Vintage// vtg clothing, shoes and accesories: www.RestingNomadVintage.etsy.com
Far Out Arts// original artwork by my partner and I: www.FarOutArts.etsy.com
Herbaceous// organic herbal teas: www.TheHerbMan.etsy.com

Donations out of kindness from the heart can also be made via www.PayPal.com to the e-mail address: c_m_huckaby@yahoo.com

It's a tough ride working from home as an artist and trying to make a sufficient income. I am, however, happy that I choose to keep truckin'.   I've made it a long way already and I plan to continue to look forward to all that is to come.  I am forever grateful to all of the amazing souls that have supported me thus far on my journey. 

>other things on my recent to-do list: I'm having a Mad Tea Party!  I've also begun my second year of planning for the Good Vibes Gathering, an event that is held here on the land that I live on and is free to absolutely everyone. The gathering is based off of volunteer work and the donations of others and includes art, crafts, music, healing arts and much more. I've grown connected to an amazing group of people through creating this event and am so happy to see so many involved, peaceful and motivated beings gracing this land.  It makes me happy to see other people so happy. Lastly, I've been asked to design a mural for a local outdoor shop in Columbus, Ga. Admittedly, I've been slacking lately on my sketches because I have SO much to do- but I should soon get things back in order and have this little portfolio complete for them. I'm thrilled.<

 //Cutting old flyers from last year to make into mini flyers for this year.\\

//Glimpse of a new piece of mine that will be available at the Doo.\\

//this one too!\\

//decorating our bike for the festival. 
There is a different theme every year, this year is it Year of the Bike!\\

 //I made a headpiece to wear, reconstructed from an old necklace from my grandfather.\\

                 // I finally finished this painting that has been in the studio for quite some time.\\


//One of my sketches for the mural.  It will be a wall of water!\\


  1. love it love it love it

  2. see you at the doo nanny;)

  3. You are grand.. i hope you doo really well!! And get your tent with walls.
    Your artwork is wonderful. I shall visit your shops and browse your creations.x