Monday, February 25, 2013

YOU are Beautiful

Hello lovelies~
I hope that YOU feel wonderful today simply for your breath and beat of your heart that remind you that you're ALIVE. Life is so grand and joyous so long as we simply allow it to be. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of this~ for WE are made of star stuff and we are all one and the same. Amazingly beautiful and free thinking beings.

I feel so greatly that it's important to feel beautiful. When you feel beautiful then you are able to embrace yourself for who you are. You can accept this body that your soul is within and allow your soul to shine through your skin. Do whatever you must do to make yourself feel beautiful today and learn to really LOVE yourself. 
You, above all else are most deserving of your divine love and light. 
(p.s. This is a sneak preview of a photo shoot that I captured yesterday with four beautiful Goddesses. 
This session was created especially for my shop, Thrifty Gypsies and my photography, Resting Nomad Photography as well as my sweet friend Lizette's shop, Holy Mother Naturals
I'll return soon with the full magical set.
~Created to inspire and release your free soul into the wild winds.)