Friday, January 11, 2013

Ink & Paper

I haven't typed up a blog post since November and it's not that I haven't wanted to blog in between now and that last post, but rather that I've been so caught up in the waves of this ocean of life.   Always pushing and pulling, always swaying and rocking ever so gently.  I love that motion and I've been enjoying it so much that I allow the idea of taking a moment to sit and type a blog post to completely sail right past me.   

Admittedly, I've preferred to have my hands in the journal a lot more recently than on the keyboard. It's not that I have any issues with updating my virtual journal, but there is something much more organic about picking up a pen and pressing it to paper. Allowing your thoughts to flow through you in poetry, remembering a dream or perhaps writing a song.  Something about this act links me to my ancestry and the way that people have been recording their lives and those of others throughout time. 
There is something wondrous and mysterious about the thought of leaving behind a journal for future generations to stumble upon. I love that feeling of reading a book or a journal and using my pure imagination to envision what that person or that town may have looked like.
To let my thoughts twist, tangle and collide within the dance of imagination. 
That's a good feeling, it's child-like.  
& to that childish nature we must often return
so that we can once again experience innocence and purity.

Just as when I'm writing with ink and paper, all of these thoughts seem to flow without any blockages. There is no debris in the way, nothing to stagnate the fluidity of this river.
I thought to myself before beginning this post that I would write about the recent happenings in my life such as Winter Solstice, christmas and New Year's celebrations.   But I realize now that there is plenty of time for that and those subjects will arise within me again.  I will indeed return to this virtual journal to fill it with my many ponderings of life and love.  Till that subject arises, I can only allow what is moving within me in the moment of NOW to flow out of me and flourish.   
I will say, that in regards to this being a new year I am so full of JOY, love and positivity set forth for this change in time.  Every day is a new day, but a new year can have a much greater and deeper meaning for us on individual levels.   I feel that there is much to behold for my little family.
& when I consider this year and what the outcome will be...
KNOWING that I play a very big role in creating my own reality
It will be whatever we make it to be.  Yin and yang will always be there. 
There will always be hard times.   But our mentality will always be strong as well.
Whatever will BE will be.   
Just remember, YOU can help make it be. 
Don't just do....BE. 

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  1. Beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so openly and honestly.