Monday, November 19, 2012

Long Strange Trip

There really is something quite strange about this year, 2012.  
Strange, in the most wonderful sense. 
Of course, everyone has their own life stories and this one is just mine, but, I do believe that many of us are experiencing something very similar to the other and we are (now more than ever) beginning to connect on the level of oneness. Perhaps not everyone can see in the light, many people are deep in the darkness or waiting in the shadows of their ego.  Some may know there is a light somewhere and begin to come closer to it.  By coming closer to that light they are coming closer to god, because god is themselves.  All that is, is within. Within you is God and all around you is god, the divine.
 Simply because you are made of star stuff, you see? 

I read a quote recently....
"Religion needs spirituality, but spirituality does not need religion."
This is so beautifully true, because being spiritual is so endless and yet religion is confined. I like to explore the depths of my mind, the possibilities are endless. & I'm happy to see that others all around me are choosing to do the same. 
We've all got a lot of work to do, that is life... 
We'll always be shedding layers and becoming aware of new things. We'll always be growing.

The 'strange year' really began much earlier than this year. Things seem to have been brewing within us all and now it's just bubbling up, ready to be tasted. One thing that sets apart this year for me, is compassion. I have never experienced so much loving compassion in all of my life. From other people and from deep within myself, I feel it. Last year I knew what it was like to be in love and to love my family and the few friends that we had.
 This year I know what its like to BE LOVING KINDNESS.   

Two years ago I felt passionate about the things my partner and I did, but felt there was little hope for the world. Last year, well, things we basically the same.   I loved the people that I chose to spend my time with but when I went out somewhere  all I could see was how pathetic people seemed to be.  Everyone was obese and sick and afraid of death. People would speak about their future in conversation and supposed they'll get sick of something and die in their eighties.  I felt as though every where I went there were ignorant people who just kept making more genetically modified children and that these were the people who were happily helping our country succeed in all of the terrible things that they do.

(Now I am working on LOVING them, so they will cease to exist. Thanks Ram Dass) 

The getaway place for us, other than home in the garden, making art or music, was Asheville, NC.   We discovered this beautiful little mountainous town and all of it's wondrous intelligent inhabitants.
I think this is where my brew started bubbling.
Other than visiting asheville, we'd attend festivals, concerts or art shows as an outlet to our creative spirit and feeling connected to other people. When 2012 approached, I told myself that this would be the year that I do everything my heart desires, I'll go to as many festivals as I can and visit different places.   But when the year was finally here, instead I found myself thinking of ways to create something right at home. I found myself wondering how many people similar to myself were around this area?  How many people were like those nice people that I had met along the way?
And there it was, this idea for an art show at our house... A way to show our work and bring people together, perhaps even on a very conscious level. That idea began so small and slowly rolled and rolled into a very big idea, which was the Good Vibes Gathering.

By creating this happening, local people were able to come together in a way that hasn't really happened before around here. And before the event ever took place, I had seven months of planning which lead me to some of the most beautiful people of my life.   All thanks to technology (and the will of others), people were able to come together and create something and just BE. 
To simply LOVE each other.
& That's really what it's ALL about.  This whole trip, this whole ride of the human life. 
We're just souls within bodies and all that we can really BE is LOVE. 
The most pure vibration. Being aware of who 'we' really are. We are one. 

And yeah, OK, maybe not everyone there at the gathering got that. Maybe not everyone was there for the loving vibrations, but that is what happened.  By putting those intentions out there, by creating that message and being on that level~ it allows other people to be there with you, whether they are accepting that love with awareness or not. 
Life is such a beautiful thing and it's wild to see this all happening before me. 
Or better yet, to help create it all as it is happening.
To consciously be creating our reality. 
No fear, no judgement. 

So here we are, in this year that has so much mystery.
 So many people throughout history have pointed to this date.
And so many people are afraid, as though something terrible is to come. 
But we can not let fear rule our lives, we must RIDE. 
It's a long strange trip.

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