Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Deja Vu...

Some notes on life~ Strange happenings that I have noticed this year.

More than ever I am experiencing accounts of what some may call 'deja vu'.  I believe that many of the experiences were seen perhaps in my dream state. It seems as though I have experiences dreaming something which later becomes a reality on many occasions.  Not to say that these dream predictions are only happening this year. They just seem to be happening more often in this year (or perhaps I am noticing them more) than ever before.

One dream that came to waking life, which I recall very vividly happened several years ago- in 2008.  I dreamt of my friend Landon, whom I kissed. When we kissed there was a strange connection between us two- almost like a spark of electricity. A small fire that began to burn that was held sacred between the two of us, we each felt something new and beautiful within us. All seemed perfect in that moment. Our kiss matched perfectly, unlike with others in the past.  I awoke from the dream only thinking how strange it was that I kissed a friend in my dream and now I had to face seeing him in waking life. Little did I know that later that day we would kiss, and it would be exactly like my dream.   I'm not saying that a dream led me to my true love, but it seems that it certainly helped convince me to open up to the possibilities of what could come if I were to allow such a simple action (feeling) to take place. Especially considering that I had never viewed Landon in any way other than being a friend before this dream occurred (although he felt otherwise).  So that is one account, of a dream sprouting in my subconscious and coming to life in the waking world.

A lot of people don't want to discuss strange happenings or 'coincidences' as some prefer to name them.  It seems any conversation that makes a person begin to question their concept of reality can be a very touchy subject for most.  But for me, to question things (without ever seeking a definite answer) is almost an instinctive thing to do for our species. I always find myself in complete wonder and amazement with everything that surrounds me. 

I feel that something we should question above all else is time and reality. I am of the belief that our mentality plays a large part in our own individual reality. To think that a group of people all seated to listen to live music or watch a show are all experiencing the same reality seems a bit unrealistic to me. Especially considering how different our lives are from each other (although we are all one). A person who most often views life in a negative light will most likely be having less of an enjoyable time that the person who is always positive and looking to the light. With that said, it seems that we play a large part in our own realities and how things will play out for us.

Back to the dreams and deja vu~ I feel as though I am creating my reality as a move along. Sure, there are a lot of things that I have no control over, for example- political issues- but I feel those 'big' issues can be controlled consciously, collectively, that is.  By collectively, I mean to say that we do have control over things that can at times seem larger than ourselves, however, the only way that we can really make a change is if we all work on individual levels to change our consciousness- to shift in a more open direction. This is a direction that embraces the truth of our mental 'powers', our mental awareness and openness to the possibility of changing the reality that we perceive by using our minds.  In the simplest notion, life truly is what you make of it. 

Now returning to strange happenings (of the mind) occurring this year...

A few small notes on things that I've noticed... When I have been in need of an answer, it seems to fall right into my lap.  I will be discussing something early in the day and in need of a piece of information- later in the same day I will cross paths with someone who brings this information up, quite randomly.     Also, lately I have been opening books to the exact page I intended.  One may think that it is just my luck or perhaps a small book, but this has happened most often recently with an astrology book... A very big one.  I want to look up a specific birthday in the book, and more often than not (recently) I open the book to the exact birth date.    Lastly, I am having flashbacks from my childhood, which occur at very random times. The flashbacks are very interesting for me, because it is of memories that I have never thought about since those times- and they also seem almost unimportant yet very vivid.  A few days ago I dropped Landon off to work at the bakery around 3 in the morning, then returned home to get an extra hour of sleep before having to return to the bakery.  I didn't get very much sleep, but I found myself within the strangest memory of the school/church that I attended up until the grade four.  I could literally map out the entire building in my mind- the hallways, the doorways, the sanctuary, the stage, the bathrooms, every little detail was there.   This is a strange memory for me, because it is one that hasn't occurred in my mind for at least 10 years. And never in my memory have I been able to recall locations with such intense detail.   I read a few months ago that the solar flares we are receiving effect many of us- we may receive headaches and other times we may receive flashbacks of the past....
Sometimes I wonder where these involuntary flashes of memories are coming from.

But as with everything, the mystery is so much more intriguing than looking for a complete answer.
One thing is for sure, the universe works in mysterious ways.

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