Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kind Souls...

For kind souls, I am grateful. 
Two weeks ago I dropped my camera bag in on swift move and broke my lens. 

Had this been someone else, say... my mom, for example. She would have simply shrugged it off till weeks later when she realized that she wanted to use it again... However, this is an object that I use every day.  Perhaps I was taking this for granted... the magic of the camera available to my hands on a daily basis... Who knows.

I have learned my lesson. Always, ALWAYS, detach my lens from the camera and place is safely in it soft little pouch, in between use. Even if that "in between use" is literally five minutes... Because it was.

Needless to say, it was a real bummer. But thanks to the good grace of kind souls in near places, I have a lens back in my camera bag.  It's a borrowed lens, until I have money saved for a new one.  But for this, I am extremely grateful. It's difficult to explain how much this invention means to me, but it certainly means a lot.


  1. beautiful photos...I know what you mean, I'd feel lost without my little camera. Hope you are soon able to buy your new lens.x

  2. robiolio- Between $70 (+shipping) and $150.

    Trish- Thank you, I hope so as well. We are quite low on money at the moment, but it shall happen when the timing is right. :)