Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What is reality, anyways?

"All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream."  -Edgar Allen Poe

Last night during small conversation between Landon and myself, this quote appeared to me from a back corner in my mind. A place that I had tucked away bits and pieces of food for thought, for a later time when I wanted to chew on it a little to feed my hunger.  I chewed on it last night, for sure.

During past conversations with a friend, the idea that life is what we make it had been discussed.   That life is, literally, what we make it.  That all that we see, is simply our own creation.  That perhaps things exist on different levels and that many of us choose to simply block out those levels. We choose our reality.   And in a sense, I do see things in such a way. In a way that we have the ability to steer the direction of our lives through the powers of our minds alone. That the vibrations we give off, greatly effect the vibrations in which we receive. 

I've seen this in the simplest forms. Like people making themselves sick physically, because they are mentally obsessed with the idea of being sick. As a child, If I did not want to go to school I could physically make myself become sick just by mentally focusing on it.  In in the same sense, you could use your mind to physically heal yourself.  There is a reason everyone speaks about saying positive things... Because when you put out positive vibrations, good things tend to happen.
It seems to me, that life really is what you make of it. 

As for me, life is beautiful. 
Even on days like Sunday (12/25) when I saw the pinks of the sunrise, a full rainbow after a night of rain and found that one of my chicken's were eaten by a fox.
(Tales of the missing chicken are soon to come.)


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