Saturday, December 3, 2011

Politik Kills...

Lately I have found myself far too rapped up in political issues...
Which is interesting when I do not own a television, therefore, I do not watch the news...
The crazy part about it all is that the political issues that I've been wrapping myself up in are NOT being reported on the news.  So even if I did have my eyes glued to the glowing screen with the talking heads.... I still would not be informed of some of the most IMPORTANT issues that are happening RIGHT NOW in America. 

I really don't know what I'm getting myself into here, but I feel like I have no choice.  
I have to tell people about this... It only feels right. It feels like it is something I must do.
I realize that I have no control over what happens within this country... 
Maybe I don't, but hundreds of people.... thousands of people... millions of people could come to find this information out. They could all come together and fight back.

Every human being, no matter how evil or corrupt they have become through money and power, has something inside of them that says "Hey, this is not right. What's happening here is not right."  For some the feeling stops there, but for others the dialogue continues. "This is not right, and something must be done. We must stand up!"

Last night, while I read the article (that I'm about to unleash) I was listening to Peter Tosh.
As soon as I finished reading the article Peter began singing "Get Up, Stand Up. Stand Up for Your Right! Get up, Stand Up! Don't Give up The Fight"

That song speaks to me now more then ever. 

So, why am I so stirred?  What's going on? 
Let's see... First I read an article about how a bill is being voting on that will censor the internet. 
You may be thinking, okay so it will black porn and stuff... no big deal, I don't need porn.
No, folks will not just be losing porn.  The internet will be dedicated the the entertainment industry alone.  That means all you independent bloggers (like myself) will be shut down. Social networking sites like Facebook (which I'm sure you or someone you know has) will be shut down.   Still doesn't sound that bad? Well let's continue....  Independent business, like your favorite mom and pop store, will no longer exist via the internet.  Your favorite musician, yeah you know... the one that makes all of his music under his OWN record label.... Not Warner Bros...   Yeah, he'll be shut down via the internet.  Let's say you've been practicing your favorite song and sign it so well now that you want to put a video on youtube for everyone to see, well... you, my friend could be put in jail for SINGING a copyrighted song!  All of the wonderful knowledge the people share via the internet, you know... world history... everything reallly... it's all gone.   Our freedom of speech.... gone. 

 So that's one thing....  But that's not the only thing.
I REALLY do not like getting twisted up in the things. But like I said, I feel like I have no choice.
Enough people do now know about this, and the word needs to be spread.

I don't like watching political videos on youtube. It's been enough just knowing about the police brutality that is going on in LA right now... But when someone wants to show you a video.... It's hard to say "Hey! I don't want to watch this because it's going to make me think a lot and I know there is nothing I can do about this!"   No, you don't say that... you just let them show you the video.
And it ends up being something like this...

Oh, there are plenty more videos where that came from... But I'm sure you get the point.
I was shown this about a month ago.  The first thought that went through my head was that this could be used for massive amounts of people... Sort of like the massive amounts of people that are protesting right now...

Well, now I get it... I totally get it. And I hope that once you do, you'll share it with others.
You see, a Bill was passed two nights ago that declares the U.S. as a battleground.
Perhaps those words are too harsh, let me rephrase that for you.
A Bill was passed two nights ago that is known as the National Defense Authorization Act. 
Well, damn... that sounds fancy. Sounds like it just has to do with our nation defending itself...
Oh boy, it's a tricky one, I tell ya... 
The wording of the bill is designed to make you think that it does not apply to Americans, however, towards the end of the bill is states that it can be applied to Americans "if we want it to."
Hmmmmm.... okay, so whats this bill about anyways?!?!

This bill allows U.S. military forces to arrest, detain, interrogate and even assassinate U.S. citizens with impunity. It's simply nothing more than a war declared against the american people, by their own country.  To me, this really sounds all to similar to a story I learned in school about a guy with a nice mustache and a swastika on his arm...

It's sort of freaking me out. 
I'm sure your thinking, "Well, they'd have to have a good reason to detain you.. And anyways, you still have the right to a trial."   No, they don't really need much of a good reason. Apparently, for all of the words that I just typed up on this blog (with my wonderful freedom of speech and all) I could be considered a terrorist!  WOW, check that out! Little 'ole me with my garden and chickens and happy life... just dancing and singing and drumming along. And what do you know, all the while I'm really a bad guy... I deserve to be locked up without a trial! 
Just in case you haven't really gotten the message thus far and you think that perhaps I am a woman who just simply over-exaggerates things,  because that is common with some ladies...

Allow me to end on this note. 

This new Bill, it is a bill that effectively ends the Bill of Rights.
You know, The Bill of Rights, a.k.a. the first amendments to the Constitution. 
You know, the amendments that serve to protect the natural rights of liberty and property.
You know, the amendments that guarantee a number of personal freedoms and limit the government's power ....  
Yeah, it's all gone.
James Madison is rolling in his grave right now.

As for me, well I am going back to my little quiet corner of the world for a little while.
Because I can't let negative vibrations like this rest on my soul the entire day...
But please, share this information.  We should all be outraged at this, and we are not- and it's because no one knows that it is happening.




  1. Scary isn't it. What is going on in this world, what are we letting happen?!

  2. Yes, it's quite scary. The only thing that I know to do is to make people aware... because most people are in the dark right now. This bill isn't supposed to go into act until 2012... Strange times are coming.