Friday, December 16, 2011

Nikon D90 Giveaway

It's the holiday season and a lot of bloggers are in the mood for giving... It seems like everyone with an etsy shop and a blog are offering some little piece of their creativity for free.
I really like this idea, and wish I hadn't though of it so late in the season. Especially since I celebrate the Winter Solstice, and that is next Thursday!  I am often a last minute type of gal though, and must admit that I may run to the shed and eyeball all of my vintage goodies until I see something that screams (or whispers) Giveaway! Then I may just succumb to that, but I do believe it would feel nice.
I love sending things to people in the mail, especially strangers.
My favorite things to send in the mail are things that I created, like paintings or jewelry.
To know that a canvas that Landon or I painted is hanging in someones living room while people converse over it or a necklace I made is draped around someones neck in California... It's just cool. 
There are plenty of other words I could use to describe it, but cool seems to fit okay.

Want to know something else really cool? 
I just came across a blog (at the last minute, yes) that is doing a giveaway... But this giveaway is really special to me, because it is for a camera.  Something I have been secretly wishing for, for some time, but keeping pushing it to the back of my mind because I sadly do not have the funds to fulfill that wish.  I know it is special for the host of the giveaway as well, because she is a photographer and this was her previous camera.  There is just something about this wonderful invention that sends little flutters through my heart. It's simply amazing. I believe we should try to be in the present as much as possible, but there is just something so special about those captured moments in time...

Click on the following link to enter the giveaway for a Nikon D90

The generosity of this lady amazes me.
I hope the lucky winner of this camera is truly grateful.
I could only express my gratitude through many many photos... and probably squealing like a kid with a new bike from santa when it came in the mail.

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