Friday, November 11, 2011

In motion...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! 
The smell of winter is in the air.  
We've been chopping wood like crazy, in order to prepare for what is to come.
I say we... Ummm, eeerr. Okay, Landon is mostly the chopper. I however, am the wood loader and mover. One day I will master the art of splitting logs of wood in half... One day.  I tried recently, not for very long, but I failed miserably.  I could probably create a lot of excuses to fend for myself. For example, I am am five feet and two inches tall and the maul that we use to chop the wood is probably about 4 feet.  Maybe I should go check to make sure that estimate is accurate.... but I'm going to go with it.  It's also pretty damn heavy, and when you raise it up in the air then release it down to the wood- you should let most of the weight fall to the tip of it to split the wood.   I have this crazy fear that when I slide my hands to the bottom of the maul and release the weight to the top..... Well, that the end of the handle is going to smack me right in the pubic bone. It's mostly just because of the length of the tool. I have to stand out really far (and awkwardly) so that it doesn't come too close to me.

Ehhhhhh, like I said. One day I will master the technique of splitting wood.  It may be one day, when I have a shorter maul. Or perhaps, I will hone my skills with this long one... We shall see. For now, I'm being a total pussy about it.  However, I do the job of carrying and stacking all the wood. So yin and yang is balanced.

Aside from chopping wood (I promise I didn't plan on going into that much detail)... We FINALLY have our compost started here at the new house.  We've had a sort of make shift compost for a short while, a bin about the size of a large roadside trash can. It works, obviously, be we can't just dump all of the things that we'd like to into it.  You see, when we make compost we like to put as much as possible into our compost versus the trash can.  Food scraps for example... Not just cut up vegetable scraps, I am talking about old left overs, bits from dinner and even cooked animal bones. All types of paper, like napkins, newspaper and the biodegradable food containers that we get from the cafe. 
But the greatest thing of all, the one thing that I am extremely pleased to begin adding back into our compost..... is our manure.   

Yes, you read that right. I said OUR manure. Not the chickens, even though that does go in there too...We use a five gallon bucket as our toilet, that is complete with a toilet seat, lid and all.  When we want to "flush" we simply toss a layer of peat moss into the bucket. When the bucket is full, we bring it out to the compost pile and then add a layer of leaves or straw on top of it. This cycle goes on and on for a year. Then we stop adding to that compost pile and begin our second new pile.  The first pile sits for another entire year while lots of happy insects and bacteria break it down into a beautiful rich compost.  Luckily, we still have our compost from the last house.  It isn't right here with us, but it is still sitting at a nice hot temperature at Landon's dad's house. We stopped adding to it in July... Which means that when July comes next year, it will be ready for us to take and add to our garden here.
((((For more info on composting humanure, Check out the Humanure Handbook written by Joseph Jenkins))))

Lots of folks think we are weird.  And we are. We embrace it. 
I can't really put into words the way that creating compost, growing food and getting my hands in the dirt makes me feel. I just know that is feels good and it feels right. So why wouldn't I want to continue doing it? If only more people could embrace the weirdness, then it may become more of the "normal."

There have been countless times when people say to me "So, I heard that you shit in a bucket."
It's amazing how quickly this sentence spreads. I tell my family, my family tells their friends, their friends tell their friends and somehow it reaches back to me.  I asked the last person who asked me this where they heard it from and they told me a person's name that I had never even heard of. People that I don't even personally know, somehow, know that I shit in a bucket.  Now, if only they could grasp the reasoning to my madness.   That's what is so funny about it, everyone ask if I do it but no one ask why I do it.  Isn't that strange, people just want to laugh at what you do but never stop to think that there may be a good reason as to why you are doing those things. 

I know this has been a long post (mostly about shit, literally)... but I will end with one last idea. 
I proposed this idea to Landon recently, although I haven't the slightest clue of how I would even begin to go about doing this.  We live on a 100 acre plantation. I think that it would be great to have a small festival on the land. One where people come and camp out for the weekend. There would be music and arts. Everyone would bring their own food and we would share and make meals as a community. No one would have to pay for food other than what they bring themselves, which would allow us to avoid getting the health or any other department involved.  People could set up their art and music for free. The only problem, is what happens when folks have to go to the bathroom?  What do we do with all this waste? 
Now maybe I'm alone on this, but how amazing would it be to hold a festival and to compost ALL of the bodily waste that was created by the people at the festival?!?!?  I think it's be pretty amazing...

P.S. We made our first fire last night, and when I awoke this morning I saw the first (visible) frost on the ground.  This time of year is quite magical, in a recluse sort of way.

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  1. I think that you shit in a bucket is fantastic. If I heard that someone I knew did that I would tell them that I think it is a great and natural thing to do. Everyone should make humanure...wouldn't the world be a better place.
    Yes, this time of year is quite magical.x