Saturday, September 3, 2011


This morning has been rather nice. I woke up to my new kitten venturing towards the bed, something she has been afraid to do her first week here. My first plan of action was to turn on my laptop and check on the blogs I follow, which I haven't been keeping up with very well lately. The first blog I click on lights a fire under my ass to start preparing for winter and getting firewood ready. However, the second blog I click on brings me to tears. I literally have been sitting here crying while I read and watch videos. 

It's not often something brings me to tears, and when something does it generally involves the laws or our environment. I don't cry during films, unless they are documentaries concerning our planet or people. The last time I cried deeply was when I met with my friend in the park, who was planning to go to a sit in to protest a Wal-Mart being built on a Native American mound that was said to be a burial ground. Many natives attended and sure enough, they removed the mound and discovered bones all the while ignoring this sacred landscape and laying the concrete slab for what was to be a Wal-Mart, something every small town with local business dreads.  I cried for the natives to this land and I cried for the people who inhabit it today. I even cried for the ignorance of man, because he knows not what he does. 

So many people are blind to what really matters. We push our hands at things like climate change as if they'll go away or we consider them to be political and religious opinions. It doesn't matter what political party your in, it doesn't change the fact that the climate is changing. I remember a choir teacher in High School getting very close to my face and almost yelling at me "Global warming is a MYTH!"  This lady was out to get me, had been the whole year that I was in her homeroom class. But she was also incredibly religious and republican and because of that she was led to believe that the liberal folks and the democrats where trying to make everyone believe in the myth of climate change. Call it what you want, I really don't give a shit, but we can't deny the fact that the ice is melting and the sea is rising and we are releasing way more chemicals into the atmosphere than this planet can handle.

I always get this feeling that we should take care of the Earth, or it will take care of us.  This isn't a principle I was taught, this is my instinct. Perhaps its my native ancestors whispering into my ear, whatever it is, I am listening to it. The second blog that I read today was about the proposed Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline. Many people in our country are in the dark right now. They are blind as I mentioned earlier, and it's not necessarily their fault because they were bread into this dark tunnel. These people were raised to produce three bags of trash a week and not have to think about where that trash goes when the garbage truck takes it away. They listen to everything people say, which isn't much, and they believe every second of it all the while turning it around into their own words and opinions. No matter how ignorant they may be, they are still opinions. 

There are still some of us left who are not in the dark and if we are then we have been digging away to find a little light. We let the light shine in on us and we crave more and more of this light. We can not keep this light for ourselves, we must share it with others, especially those who remain in the dark... no matter how ignorant they seem. After all, an opinion is still an opinion whether it be ignorant or not. If we can shine a little light on that opinion, maybe those voices can be heard. I often dream of a time when all those robots sitting on the couch eating tv dinners stand up and remove their robot batteries.  Yeah... that will be the day.

In case you are wondering what the hell the proposed Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline is and why the hell I am crying over it, I will tell you. Oil that is found mixed in the soil of Alberta's boreal forest will be extracted through a process that creates twice as much pollution as regular oil extraction. If you think that's bad, hold your breath because it gets worse. This oil extraction will leave the largest pools of toxic waste on Earth. These pools can be seen from space! That exclamation point is not a good thing, I am yelling and I feel fucking helpless about this. The oil will be piped down from Canada to the U.S. to various refineries in Oklahoma, Illinois and the Gulf. Don't forget that piping all this oil leads to huge possibilities of there being a spill along the way. This pipeline will also destroy the Athabascan forest in Alberta, which is one of the largest carbon sinks left on this planet. Can you guess what will happen to all of that carbon? It will go directly into the Earth's atmosphere. Here is the real ass kicker,  NASA scientist James Hansen says if the pipeline goes through, it is “game over” for the Climate Change fight.

Ahhh yes, another day of great news as we all fuck this amazing planet we call Earth. If my use of words offends anyone, I apologize now but this is how I emphasize things. I'm not kidding when I say that if we fuck this planet, it will fuck us. We are killing ourselves, and if not us, then our future generations. It amazes me how politicians can make decisions like this (because of money and power) that affect the whole planet and future generations, and still keep making babies. What do you think the world will be like for our children and their children if we sit back and allow something like this to happen?

So if your wondering what the hell you can do, well it's not much. If you happen to be near Washington, then today is the last day of the sit in at the White House. People are sitting in front of the white house in protest against the pipelines. These same peaceful protesters are being silently arrested one by one. Thus far, 1,009 people have been arrested for standing up for our environment and for future generations. If I was in or around Washington, I would join and be arrested. However, I am in the south and the least that I can do is spread the word about this issue through my blog. 

For more info on this subject and to see what you can do to help, visit the following links.
I signed the petition and wrote a note with it, it was the least I could do next to writing this blog post.
Now matter how much I speak and write, part of me will always feel helpless and hopeless against situations like this. However, I'd rather do something than nothing at all.

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  1. Bless you. Thank goodness people like you (and me !)exist. What on earth are we doing to this beautiful planet. It makes me cry too!x