Friday, September 16, 2011

Talk is cheap...

Every once in a while I come to the realization that people are full of shit, even the folks that I love. I fight this realization for months, telling myself that is isn't so. But indeed, it is so.

It shouldn't be so hard hitting, but it is. And I only allow it to hit me so hard because all the while I tried to have faith in these people. They all keep talking and talking, and boy do those words sound good. But the talking never stops, and the doing never starts. That's when I come to that same conclusion all over again. My subconscious goes, "See, I told you. One hundred percent full of shit. If you added any more you'd see their mouths begin to turn brown." All the while my conscious goes" Yeah, yeah. You were right. I should have listened to you to begin with." 

I hope that the folks who follow my blog aren't disappointed in how real my speech can be or how odd my ramblings may seem at times. I know most people look for the more whimsical type blog post. Hey, I can be whimsical at times, I promise. However, most of the time I let my thoughts spill out exactly as they come... and this is the flow right now. 

So you may ask, where is your faith in humanity? It's there, alright. I've got plenty of faith in my fellow man. There are just certain types of fellow men, that I don't consider to be such fellows after all. I will describe this type for you and you may find that you know many of them as well. You may even find, that you are one yourself. If this is the case, perhaps you will also find the will in you to change those talking ways into doing ways. These people are thinkers. They think and think and think. Nothing wrong with thinking. They are also talkers. They talk and talk and talk. Nothing wrong with talking. This makes them thinkers and talkers, so they think and talk and think and talk and sometimes they may even talk without thinking. Yes, that is possible and I've heard it many of times. I must admit, I have spoken with out much thought before as well. The problem is that they are stuck thinking and talking.

These are the folks that can make themselves sound great. If all you did was sit to think and talk with them, then you would be fooled. Fooled into thinking the that they are do-er's.  That all those things they loved to think and talk about, well, they actually did them too. Unfortunately, they have not yet figured out how to put those words into actions. This is where my realization begins. Perhaps there is a better way to describe them aside from saying that they are full of shit. However, that is exactly the way I see it. It's okay to have a little of it in you, but at least let it out every once in a while and work it into the soil. Turn your shit into compost and give a little back to the Earth. It's the least we can do. 


  1. Hooray! The doing is just as good as the dreaming (or thinking, or talking) eh?

    Hope you're doing well down there, stranger-friend.

  2. p.s.

    Was watching (listening) to this as I clicked onto your blog. Walking the talk reinforced :)

  3. The doing is just as good as the dreaming, in fact, it's better! That video was great, more people need to see it. I love her answer to the question at the end, how she just says to be it and people will follow. I've begun to learn that myself.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope all is well in your corner of the woods. :)