Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Since we've moved into the new house I've mentioned quite a few times that the only thing missing was a feline friend. Three weeks ago that friend showed up just one week before my birthday as an early gift. I came home and Landon told me to close my eyes. I opened them and he was holding a kitten. Not just any kitten, but the exact imaginary kitten that I had described weeks earlier. Her hair is soft and long, a beautiful cream color with darker brown fur in all the right spots... and blue eyes. I had actually been describing a mixture of two cats that I had growing up. Their chest were so fluffy I would just rub my face in it as they purrrrrred. 

I probably sound weird. There is just something about cats that I am especially drawn to. One of those somethings is that I can rub my face in their soft belly and they allow me to do it. Yeah, I sound especially weird. I think that I may have inherited the weirdness from my father, who always did the same thing. He loved every cat we had growing up. I remember one of our cats passing when I was a kid, we found it in an abandoned lot near by and he cried for two weeks straight. He was so upset because he felt such a connection with her. It's odd how animals can do that to us.

Cats and dogs have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years, so it would be hard for me to feel guilty for having animals that live with me. Now, especially, when I know that I am saving them from the world of fast cars and concrete. That's a difficult world to survive in, especially for animals who still have their instincts unlike most of us. Perhaps some may find it selfish, but they also bring a comfort to us and our homes. I believe we bring a comfort to them as well. I can recall countless times during my childhood when the family dog or cat was there for me to hold during a moment of sadness.  They probably didn't know it, but it helped a lot when I could just hug them to relieve all of my anger and frustration. 

When we look at them they hold such peace and wisdom. I rarely see that in humans. When I would get upset as a kid and hug them, I would soon realize that they didn't have to worry about the things that we did. And perhaps the things we did worry about didn't matter so much after all. Perhaps we think too much and should practice silence, like the other creatures whom we share this planet with. It's an odd feeling realizing that at such a young age. You can't tell your parents that maybe they should stop talking and practice being like Simba, the cat, for a while. Even now I can't explain that to my family. I just have to show them by doing it. 

Recently a girl came to my house to accompany one of my models for a photo shoot. As we were walking through the field she said to me, " I don't know what to say, I feel awkward." My reply was that she doesn't have to say anything. Sometimes it is best if we say nothing. We go about every day of our lives just speaking and speaking, feeling as though we need an opinion or reply to everything that happens around us. It is rare that we give silence a chance. That we stop our thoughts and speech and just be silent with the rest of nature. When we finally realize that is a possibility and begin to practice silence and see the beauty in it, we no longer feel awkward. We feel a lot like our cats and dogs, or even babies of our own kind. We become more sensual and are able to leave the thought mode behind for a while, just enjoying the wind and the whispering of the leaves.

This is my new friend, Gaia, and she sends purry vibes to fill my soul all day long.

P.S. Here is a great video, that a fellow blogger friend left in a comment on my last post. Enjoy :)

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