Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Land of the Mushrooms

This house has been skillfully turned into a nice cozy home. All of our material comforts are here, and although they are exactly that, material, they are also the latter, comforts. Our chickens have been moved to the new house and are quite pleased with the new feeder and waterer that we purchased for them, as they were getting a bit large for the old ones. It's hard to believe that they are nearly the age for laying eggs! Soon I won't have to buy eggs every week at the farmer's market. Although I enjoy buying eggs from local friends/farmers, I know that I will especially enjoy gathering them from my own back yard. Not only will Landon and I enjoy them, but Sasha will be able to eat eggs on a more regular basis, which she loves.  

Aside from the excitement of finally feeling comfortable and familiar with our new home and having all of our creatures here, we are finding the time to explore the land. We have one hundred acres to explore, and I'm not really sure how much of it I've explored thus far but I know that it's not even close to one hundred. While exploring this land we have found an abundance of mushrooms. I have never seen such a variety of mushrooms in all my life. Things get tricky once we go out and gather a few to bring home an identify. We have three different identification books, all of which are great and helpful. The only problem is that there are so many variations of just one species that you can get lost.

Luckily, the most important edible mushroom that we have found, we were able to identify. Unfortunately, they weren't on our land. We recently met a woman in the cafe that Landon bakes bread for who told us that she had chanterelle mushrooms on her property. She gave us her number and address and told us that we were welcome to come anytime. She left the cafe and quickly returned with a few she picked for us to sample. We took them home and sat with our books for half an hour reading about the look alikes and which were poisonous and which where the real chanterelles we were looking for. We finally came to a conclusion, these are the ones! The next day we visited her land and gathered as many as we could find.

For a lot of people, this isn't exciting news. Some people see a mushroom and think "Yeah, so what... it's just a mushroom." When I see any type of fungi my eyes light up with wonder as I approach it. I usually have a camera in hand and by the time I reach it I am lying on the ground next to it attempting to get a photo at the grounds level. Identifying the mushroom is even more exciting. I feel the same about identifying wild edible plants. For me, it just feels right to know what's growing around you. It especially feels right, or human I should say, to know whether or not you can eat it and what it will do to you. Not only is it exciting, but sometimes... maybe just sometimes.... it can be magical. 

And last but not least, the wonderfully delicious chanterelle mushrooms!


  1. If I were a mushroom, I'd poke up through those pine needles too; A cozy blanket :)

  2. p.s. I logged onto youtube just after leaving this comment and this was my recommended video today:

  3. I love how he returned the mushroom to the tree. Also, I agree how he says "We are mushrooms..." Very true. Good video!

  4. All I can say is Wow. Being a city girl I have never seen so many variety of mushrooms before. How cool you found those on your land. Those chanterelle mushrooms are beautiful and I hope you find a wonderful recipe for them.
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