Friday, August 12, 2011

In my own skin...

"I recommend walkin' round naked in your livin' room."     
-Alanis Morisette

Since we've moved into our new home and have found a little spare time, I have finally gotten the chance to clean out the storage unit that I have been occupying with sixty percent unwanted junk and paying for monthly.  The first thing to go out of the unit was my furniture, my big beautiful furniture that my parents so graciously purchased for me when I was in High School and they had a decent enough flow of money to spend a little on things like that.  The furniture didn't go into my new home, it actually went into my parents new home. I gave it to my little sister who has been complaining to me about the shittiness of her furniture for quite some time now. After hearing all that complaining (and seeing how huge that furniture is) I decided it would be better off with her than with me. Why do I need a huge wooden bed with a big post and a gigantic dresser with a massive mirror anyways? I don't...  So there goes the furniture. My television and two chairs went to my brother, yeah, don't need those. I especially don't need the television, seeing as how I haven't watched one since 2008.  

So what was left for me was mostly boxes and a nice glass computer desk which is still sitting in the living room half way put together because we can't seem to find all the pieces. Yes, it looks great along with our carpet which is vacuumed only when I ask our friends nicely to bring their vacuum when they visit.  So we've still got a few things to do/buy as far as being fully moved in goes... that's okay because I feel quite cozy here already.  Something that makes me feel especially cozy is our stereo system and all of the wonderful albums we have collected over the years. One album in particular was unearthed from the storage unit. This album was Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morisette. I can't say that I don't skip a few songs, but there are still some pretty kick as songs on this album, which is why I've included one of my favorite lines at the top of this post.

I happen to recommend walkin' around naked in your livin' room as well, Alanis! In fact, I recommend walkin' around naked at any given opportunity that feels right. Backpacking and finally reach camp? Walk around naked.  Going outside to water the garden? Walk around naked. After all, it's only natural to be nude. I don't see what all the fuss is about.  Okay, so some folks aren't very pleasant to see naked. I'm not suggesting they walk around town naked all day, but that they be comfortable enough in their own skin to shed their clothes. Maybe then some people wouldn't ignore their bodies so much and would be motivated to look more pleasant in the nude. I for one, enjoy it immensely. Being able to walk out in my yard every morning without clothing is one of the ultimate freedoms that I can experience. I love clothing because it is beautiful and allows you to express your individuality but every once in a while it's nice to shed those layers and truly be yourself. If you can be comfortable in your own skin, that is a beautiful thing. 

Everyone should try it. Some people have been clothed since the doctors wrapped them up at birth, never letting any sunlight shine on their breast or "private parts". Why should these parts of our body be considered private? They are natural. We don't see tribes in Africa walking around covering their womens breast all the time worried about other people looking at them the wrong way.
We've put so much an emphasis on sex in America that it's difficult for people to see a nude body and not immediately associate it with sex. Not that sex is a bad thing, it is beautiful. But for every pair of breast we see the first thing we think shouldn't be whether they are good or ugly. Our body is a part of us and we can't just live in our heads all day long, we have to be conscious of our body and be good to it. By being nude we are being conscious of our body and are accepting it. When you've overcome those fears and broken down those barriers that we all have standing, it feels good to just simply be yourself. 


  1. Congrats on cleaning things out! I'm an underwear walker - Maybe one of these days I'll graduate to a nude walker:)
    Found you via etsy's blog team!

  2. Great post and what a wonderful collection of photos.
    Everyday Inspired

  3. Thank you! The photographs are self portraits. The beginning of my latest series of nude photography. I woke up one morning and the land surrounding our house was covered in a thick fog, it seemed like to perfect opportunity to begin my new project.

  4. Awesome post! It is quite funny how affected people are by nudity these days...

    I've yet to have the opportunity to venture outside clothes-less (as I live in the city in an apartment). But maybe one day!!