Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Detox: Week 1

Last Monday was the first day of mine and Landon's detox. Yesterday marked the first full week of our detox. We've decided this will last four weeks, but we'll see how that goes. Initially I thought that I would be strong, and be able to resist the temptations of the few ingredients we ruled as banned for the four week period. I was strong, I have been strong... I still am. Okay, maybe not as much as I thought. The first week hasn't been so bad. We eliminated wheat, dairy (which includes our beloved cheese), sugar, animal meats and fats and alcohol. We also drink a cup of herbal tea before and after each meal, which usually includes chamomile. This really hasn't been difficult at all, the only part that is complete torture is not being able to eat wheat. I say it's torture (especially for Landon) because he is a baker and he transports bread everyday in our vehicle from the bakery to the cafe. Sometimes a loaf is left in the back of the car and leaves the entire car smelling like fresh baked bread. Bread that has wheat inside, therefore I can only smell it and crave it but can not let it touch my taste buds.

You may be wondering to yourself, then why put yourself through this torture? And to that question, my reply is why not? I've lived twenty one years and in those twenty one years I've put some terrible things that we like to call food into my body. It all began as an infant when my mother quit breast feeding me after two weeks. If I could have have spoken then, I would have yelled and cussed at her to put that damn tit back in my mouth! But I couldn't, so I was switched onto formula food. This isn't really so much to blame on my mothers young ignorance then as it is on the ignorance of the American society. Every time I go to the grocery store, a place I try my best to avoid by eating locally, I see a woman filling her buggie with junk food for herself and cans upon cans on infant formula and little glass jars of baby food. This amazes me, because no matter how much terrible processed food this woman eats, she still has the ability to produce breast milk, or at least still would had she not stopped.

In our country we're coaxed through various forms of media into believing that baby formulas are just as nutritious for our babies as breast milk. However, this coaxing doesn't stop at baby formula. We think that processed foods with artificial 'natural' flavorings of vegetables can contain just as many vital nutrients, if not more, than say... real vegetables. People take vitamin and fish oil supplements without realizing that all the vitamins they need are right there in those beautiful vegetables and fish and are set up for your body to absorb much more appropriately than a capsule. How anyone can believe this load of bullshit is beyond me, but they do. People are trained not to think for themselves anymore and are lead to believe just about anything they read, see or hear.

So this is the way most people in this country go about their lives. Just about everything in the grocery store includes the ingredients corn or soy. How we can all reassure ourselves that those are necessary ingredients in our diet is also beyond me. Most Americans know very little about their ancestry, some folks just plainly see themselves as white, so the question never arises, "What did my ancestors eat?" or "What did the native's to land eat?" Some smart ass folks might want to reply, "Corn, that's what the Indian's ate, duh!" Well, I'd like to say that I doubt corn was readily available year round to all of the Native Americans in every part of this country.  I also highly doubt, in fact I am positive, that they corn that they are was not genetically modified. So, not only does corn and soy make up for the majority of everyone's diet here in this great free robotic country, it is also genetically modified... great.

I'll have to save my ramblings on genetically modified seeds for another post, but I think you get my point. We stuff ourselves with unnecessary foods having no ideas on the whereabouts of where these foods came from or the people who grew it, or even what it looks like when it was growing! Back to my original topic, there obviously comes a time, if one is wise enough to recognize this, when we should purge ourselves of all of this unknowingly sinful eating that we've spent our lives doing. Thus comes the detox.

One week felt good. Like I mentioned before, wheat was the most difficult to give up and dairy came second, only because of my deep love for cheese... especially goat cheese. Working as a photographer for an amazing chef at a wonderful cafe does not help at all with my detox. I'm constantly being offered food, and with every handful that reaches out towards me I must ask the dreaded question to this chef "Does it have wheat, dairy, meat, sugar?" Luckily, he is forgiving and understands our cleansing process and makes plenty of alternatives to fit our detoxing needs. This was all up until last night. The dinner of all dinners, a five course meal with four wines and the most tempting of all desserts.

I came to take photographs of each course, but was being offered food and wine by nearly the entire staff all night. Landon joined me, so he was dealing with the same temptations. Like I said, the chef has been pretty good at going along with our detox, however, last night he switched cards on us. He spun his little Gemini head around and revealed the other face, the one that says "Come on guys, just try a little." Along with those sparkling blue eyes, it's hard to resist that face. I turned to Landon and told him I could cry for turning down a chef's beautiful and generously free creations. After much contemplating and nearly coming to tears, we gave in. Actually, the first two meals totally fit the detox... But then came the meat, the wine,a little cream and ohhhhhhh the dessert. A chocolate mousse torte with rasberry coulis. When that sits directly in front of your lens and your staring it down drooling through the viewfinder  and someone says "Here, try it, it's really good." Well, what the hell can you do?

I'm sure you see what I'm getting to, we couldn't resist every single one of those temptations. We gave into a few. I let Landon take care of the meat mostly, as it's not really my favorite. But I did have my share of guilty pleasures. So, not it's back to week two where we eat 70% raw vegetables and fruit. Yes, we are detoxing and yes we did cheat. Luckily, I don't feel terrible and none of the ingredients affected me in a negative way, which is a very good sign. I still feel the detox is just as important as it was before and I probably sound weak for making it a mere one week without breaking the rules, but I still feel good about it. Doing something is much better than doing nothing at all. And at the end of the night, John (the chef) admitted he played the devil on us. We knew this, but we'll excuse it because after all, how can you resist those blue Gemini eyes?



  1. Highly HIGHLY recommend: http://www.amazon.com/Sunfood-Diet-Success-System/dp/1556437498

  2. I would love to do this type of detox as well, but maybe not all at once, maybe a couple of ingredients a week until I hit the point where you are. I also agree with you wholeheartedly about breastfeeding; so often I hear "but I wasn't producing enough milk" which is such a rarity in nature. It's too bad.