Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Living with the Pines

Two weeks ago Landon, Sasha and I began relocating ourselves and our belongings into a one bedroom cottage in Pine Mountain, Georgia.  We left the city (and Landon's hour drive to work) for a quiet place in the country. Every morning I wake up to the sunlight filtering through my window, I roll over and look at Sasha who is patiently waiting on my first words which are "Let's go for a walk." This is the beginning of each day for me. Some mornings it's storming and we just stand under the car port looking out. 

Before we moved I imagined all of the things that I would like my next home to be. Small but spacious and quiet yet loud with nature. I had mental requirements that I felt were completely unrealistic. The house must be on a little land with land surrounding it to roam, our water should come from a well and most importantly we do not need any neighbors. Oh... and a fireplace too! We must have a fireplace! If you can't tell already, one of the hobbies that takes up most of my time is daydreaming and I've gotten quite good at it. Needless to say, I've done a lot of daydreaming when it comes to the place that Landon, Sasha and I should live.  

A little over a month ago Landon mentioned to me that we should consider moving to Pine Mountain so that he could be closer to work.  I was initially surprised by this suggestion because I had never considered it an option before. I thought a little about it, but not too much. When it comes to things like moving and jobs I tend to let things play out naturally. I feel that if something is really meant to happen, then it will find a way. A week or so later Landon shared his thoughts with his boss about moving. His boss knew someone with a cottage for rent, so the next morning we came to see it at 8am.  The house was perfect.  It was hidden with privacy and without neighbors, the water was supplied by a well, it was nestled on 100 acres of land that was free to roam, there was a pond and water sources and a fireplace as well.  We both knew as soon as we saw it that we would be moving there. Three weeks later... here we are.


  1. What a great place. The red door is the perfect touch. Congrats!