Monday, May 2, 2011


"A sound mind in a sound body, is a short but full description of a happy state in this world."
-John Locke, 1693

Today is a bit of a strange day. Really, every day is a bit of a strange day.  Life is a bit strange too, and so are words. Today, like every other day is strange because it seems like every other person is so engulfed in the the issues of society and politics that they have a difficult time noticing the simple little pieces of living beauty around them.  It is hard to think about the small things like the ants and the plants when we are always surrounded with the big overwhelming things, like technology and opinions.  What people do not realize, is that opinions do not always matter. No matter which direction the opinion comes from, it isn't always a necessity to living.  So many people go about their days with the same mundane routines. Drinking coffee, eating fast food, driving to work, listening to the radio, coming home only to surround themselves once again with technology, watching television and eating dinner simultaneously, never once stopping to notice the little flowers on the plants they curse as weeds or the intense blue color of the sky. We have become so distant from the Earth, while still inhabiting it, that we turn to the television to tell us what the weather will be like rather than using our natural instincts and wit to predict a storm.

I told myself when beginning this blog that I should refrain from showing too much opinion on worldly matters for the sake of the readers and people having their feelings hurt. In fact, I didn't think about this subject for blogging beforehand. I just wanted to post a few photos but suddenly all of these words came pouring out. Sometimes it's relieving to get these feelings off your chest. When I hear news, it is generally being told to me by other people. If it was not spread by word of mouth, then I see it on my e-mail when I log in, rarely clicking to read further than the headlines. I believe that it is important for me to play an active role on the earth, but this active role doesn't necessarily involve keeping up with things like world politics every day. Although I am educated on political issues, I choose to spend very little of my time concerning those things because I'd rather be enjoying every possible minute that I have, and subjects like that do no allow you to enjoy the moment. I know that terrible things are happening all over the world, but I am only one person and I only know of one life that I have, so I can not spend my time getting confused and tangled up in the big web of money and politics.  I have to spend my time wisely, appreciating the small things meditatively, growing and eating the foods that are here for me and giving back this planet in every way that I can. 

I wish I could have other people understand this way of living, but it is difficult because people have to find their own paths. I also don't generally use my time speaking to others outside of my comfort zone about these things that I think they should be doing to give back to this planet we roam. Most people that know us already think Landon and I are pretty radical as it is just because we feed our dog a raw diet and compost our own feces in our backyard. This isn't a radical thing to us, it just seems like the logical thing to be doing. It just makes sense. We want to build our own house from the earth one day using clay and straws and recycled salvaged materials like glass and tires. This is not because we are radical, environmentalist, hippies or any other specific words.  I just have this instinct that it is what I should be doing. So for now, the little things like like gardening naturally and composting my food and waste to reward Earth for my life here are what I use to break away from the distractions of society.... 

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