Friday, March 18, 2011

Venture to Explore

Yesterday I awoke knowing that I had to work a full day, but thinking that I would be off the next day. All day I looked forward to being off on Friday, and imagined all of the things that I could do with my day.  I could blog in the morning, tend to the garden, take photos, do power yoga, clean the house...  Before going to bed last night I glanced at my calender to confirm that my Friday wasn't scheduled.  I had done a little to much dreaming for the day and realized that indeed, I was scheduled to work a full day on Friday.  Which is okay,  I had Monday and Wednesday off to fulfill my own pleasures. I just enjoy having my own time to do the things that I choose, which is a desire that most humans have, especially Virgos as I have learned lately. But I will get into the details of my recent horoscope adventures later.

  First, I would like to share with you the wonderful experience I had of being off work on a  Monday and Wednesday.  Mondays, other than Sundays, are the one day a week that Landon is off work. He is able to be off on Mondays because the restaurant is slow on that day, which means the bakery is slow as well.  We took full advantage of our Monday and visited Pine Mountain and ate lunch at the restaurant that he bakes bread for.  The restaurant is called The Rose Cottage, which is also a tea room and bakery.  I won't go into too much detail, because I plan on photographing it soon and doing a whole blog post on it. I will say, that the food is delicious and the chef knows exactly what he is doing when he puts something like a green tomato on a turkey sandwich.  This was my first experience visiting the restaurant and bakery and I plan to return many times with family and friends.  The restaurant is such a quaint little place, really the whole downtown area of Pine Mountain is.  Everyone has a sweet southern vibe that is welcoming rather than rude.  Living in the south, I encounter many southern vibes that are rude, so it is nice when you meet those sweet southern ladies and gentlemen who may think you look strange but they are happy to have your business or presence.  After eating and viewing the bakery we shopped downtown at a rustic garden decor store and an antique shop.  That evening we spent the night in good company and watched a film called Baraka, which I recommend to anyone who has never seen it. On Wednesday I woke up early, read a little of this amazing book that I borrowed from the folks I referred to as good company, cleaned the house, then left to meet one of those folks and purchase some art supplies.  This particular folk is named Maryann, and I am quite happy to have met her.  Maryann and I painted that day in the studio space that has been lent to me by the owner of the store where I work.  I feel lucky to have a great job, where I am allowed to have the time and space to create artwork. I plan on devoting Wednesdays as painting days into a weekly habit. 

Now, back to being a Virgo as I mentioned earlier. I've never had much interest in horoscopes, because everything I have read in relation to horoscopes has never been accurate or applied to me.  It always seemed like a way to make money to me, or a load of bull shit, as one may say. However, recently I was introduced to a book called The Secret Language of Birthdays.  I was lent the book for one week, and have already purchased it online in hopes that I will own it before I have to return the lent one. This book not only explains the personalities of different horoscope signs, but goes into the detail of specific birthdays.  Thus far, I have read the birthdays of Landon, his father, his uncle, his brother, my father, my mother, my brother and myself.  All of those personalities have been accurate, so accurate that it almost scares me.  Which is why I feel the need to own the book.  Simply put, its amazing and I'm a believer. By believer, I do not mean that every book on horoscopes is accurate, I just mean that I am a believer of this book. So I leave you with two recommendations for entertainment,  a movie and a book, both of which I hope you venture to explore.   I must now go do my morning yoga and enjoy my day at work.  Namaste.

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