Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Garden Green

 We are preparing the soil in our garden for spring and planning out the layout of our first crops. It is exciting to know that the season is beginning to transform into warmth and blossoms.  The weather has been rather odd lately, with one week of cold weather and the next week warm then the following week cold again. I'm really savoring the warm days. Today I was able to wear sandals... That doesn't happen for a lot of folks in mid February. It's nice here if you like warm weather. Not that I am complaining about the cold weather here, because it doesn't really get cold. I get exciting just seeing small icicles on hikes. I haven't experienced being in very thick snow or cold weather on more than a few occasions thus far in my life, so cold weather can be magical to me sometimes.

The spring and fall are great in Alabama, but the summer is incredibly humid, which is one of the million reasons that I look forward to the time when Landon an I will be living in the mountains. When I say the summer is humid, what I mean is that I can stand outside for several minutes and break a sweat. The mosquitoes are also pretty bad, if you live by a water source like we do. I've heard that strong smelling herbs keep mosquitoes away, but I'm pretty skeptical about that because we grow an abundance of herbs and seem to have an abundance of mosquitoes as well.

Enough about the evils of humid weather and mosquitoes, I will reserve my time for cursing those things when the summer comes. As for now, I'm looking forward to spring and growing delicious and beautiful plants in my garden. As we've been boasting to each other at home lately, "We've got some good ass soil."  Yes, we literally say that. We are so enthused about the quality of this years soil that we call it 'good ass soil'. Some of the things we say, I can not explain because I know that they do not always make complete sense to other people the way they do to us. We are so excited about the soil because we spent the year composting and also began adding humanure, fats and paper waste to our compost. We will also have chickens this year, whose poop will help to make the soil even richer.  It feels good to give a little of what you took from the earth back to it. 

Last years garden...enjoy.

 wild morning glory
 bee balm

swiss chards, kale, salad greens and peas
sweet corn
the herb garden

 dragons tongue beans

 spaghetti squash
 peach blossom

calendula flowers 


  1. exciting! i'm really ready for spring and gardening, too. it's wonderful to look back at pictures from last season and imagine it all unfolding again so soon. i can't wait to see what all you grow this year.

  2. It really is wonderful. My partner and I were just going through last years photos dreaming about this years garden. I have hundreds of photos from last year, it was difficult to only choose a few for the blog. We tilled up 6 new plots at the end of the season last year in preparation for this spring, so now our yard will be filled with wildflowers, etc. Ahhhhhh, I love gardening.