Monday, February 21, 2011

First Forage

I foraged my first plant of the year yesterday. Some folks may not call digging up a plant from their backyard foraging, but if that plant grew wild, then to me that is foraging. My expedition was in my backyard, and I didn't have to look far because I already knew that the plants were growing there. They are wild onions, and I've had my eye on them for some time now.  I've just been waiting till I felt that they were the right size. The onions grew in a garden bed that has a couple of collard plants in it at the moment. Because the soil was looser than the soil under the grass in the yard and is richer due to past crops the onions were able to grow with plenty of space and comfort. We have small wild onion chives growing in groups in the grass, which I often cut and toss onto meals, but because these were in the garden bed they were spaced out and had plenty of room for the bulbs to develop. I noticed them sometime in December and left them there untended to grow as they pleased. Yesterday evening I decided to dig a few of the thicker plants up and see what had been hiding in the soil.  I dug up three very lovely onions, washed them, photographed them, then chopped them up and added them to our salad.  Aside from the salad, we also had two delicious fillets of red sunburst trout from North Carolina along with some potatoes.


  1. Where I am (Lethbridge, Alberta), it's 0 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing... not quite what you would call foraging weather... though I am wearing sandals. Good times! The compost heap will have to wait.

  2. Beautiful pics! The fish and taters look yummy.