Monday, February 7, 2011

5:00 AM

It's not exactly 5:00 am right now, but that is the time that I awoke to my recorded alarm of Landon playing the guitar. Ahh, so much better than waking up to a ringtone or alarming "raaaah, raaaah, raaah" noise like a siren going off to let everyone know some disastrous weather is coming.  Yeah, not a peaceful way to begin the day. I hate to be awoken by an alarm during a deep sleep, but to be awoken by a recording of Landon playing guitar isn't so bad. 

I had to be at work at six this morning, and yes, I am blogging from work. I am getting paid to blog... I also got paid to do nearly an hour of yoga this morning. Those things aren't literally in the job description, I just allow myself to do them. I have several jobs and one of them is working at a fitness center, which opens at six in the morning.  It's a quite place that is never really busy. Generally, between two and three people show up at six in the morning. Because it's so quite, this allows me to get my morning yoga practice in as well as spend a little time online when no one is around.  This may seem like an odd job, because I haven't described any actual work. I do work as well, which mostly involves cleaning gym equipment and just keeping the facility looking nice as well as providing people with information on our rates and fitness classes. Over all, it still feels like the easiest job in the world. Which is great, because I am able to focus on myself as well as my job. 

Aside from me spending work time to blog about work, I wanted to share some of my photographs from yesterdays hiking trip to Pine Mountain. It rained here for at least three days in a row, then the clouds finally cleared for the weekend providing us the opportunity to hike in the sunshine and pines. 
enjoy :)

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