Monday, January 31, 2011


Recently I've been trying to think of a person that I could ask to model some of my handmade and vintage items for my etsy shop.  I honestly only have two female friends that I wouldn't mind spending time with to photograph. I know a decent number of females, but when I think of actually spending quality time with a person and photographing them as well, only two close friends come to mind. One of whom, is currently living in Savannah and is about to go into labor, and the other whom has a busy schedule and our off days never seem to fall in unison. Which is fine, I just desperately need someone to photograph for my shops. I've tried getting Landon, his brother and my cousin to photograph me as the model at different times, but it never seems to work out. I hate being the model and would rather be behind the lens, not in front of it.  After thinking about this problem a little to much, because I am in a rush to get some new items in my shop... I realized that I could just use my younger sister.  So, being that she is only twelve and doesn't have a very busy schedule I was able to spend some time with her on my Sunday off.  We went to a few local spots for the photos, including an old abandoned house and ended the night with a dinner cooked by Landon and some frozen yogurt, yummm. 


  1. hey, great photos. i love the cowls.

  2. Thank you, you have great photos as well. I love the socks you made!