Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Back from hibernation...

Hello to my one follower and others who may happen to view this. I am back from blogging hibernation and have returned with many brilliant ideas. Or so I think... Lately I've been searching for other blogs to follow with similar interest and have came across a good handful. Enough to have inspired me to work more on my own blog.

Every day provides an exploration, and it wouldn't hurt to share my own with others.  I've decided to add pieces of my life here. A virtual journal, who knows how long it will last...the internet in general.  Blogging is sort of like the culinary arts. It's an art form that is not permanent.  Then again, what is permanent?

It recently iced here... I guess that would be the term. On a Sunday night rain began to fall and ice was falling at the same time. Eventually the rain stopped, but the ice continued through the night. Some people may think of hail when I say ice. It was not hail, nor rain, nor snow... ice. The next morning Landon and I went outside and the ground was white and crunchy like a slushee without any flavoring. The tree branches leaves were frozen in ice and icicles were hanging all over.  It also snowed here the night of December 25th and we went outside with our dog Sasha who went wild in the snow running laps around the yard and playing tag with us. I had my camera with me the day it iced and she ran laps again. She seemed so excited about the weather. Snow and ice are very rare things in our area, so it is sort of magical only because it's so rare. Rare being once a year it may possibly snow, but don't get your hopes up. 

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