Friday, April 30, 2010

Into the Mountains

Next Friday is my lover's day of birth. To celebrate, he has taken the entire week off and on Wednesday we will be leaving for Tennessee, a state that we have vacationed several times.  Some people are beach people, others like the desert, we like the mountains. We are mountain people. Being elevated in the midst of trees is where I feel safe. My mind can rest and forget about the busy lives that we live. The air is clean and the only sounds that I can hear are birds chirping and trees blowing in the wind. When I am there, I feel at home. And it won't be long before I can call those beautiful mountains my home.

We will be staying in a cabin overlooking the big green hills of Tennessee. While there, we will visit Asheville, NC which is about 2 hours away. This will be the first time that we have ventured to Asheville. The next time that we venture there, we will be staying for several years. We have 3 restaurants that we would like to dine at in Asheville. Normally, we cook at home and eat at home. However, Asheville has a wide variety of local produce which the majority of restaurants use. This is something that we are particularly enthused about and is part of the reason that we plan to move there. We always talk about how we wish to eat local and in season and we will finally have the opportunity to do so once we move.

I will only mention one restaurant that we plan to eat at because I don't want to go on and on... It is a french restaurant named Bouchon. We have recently read about it in a book that we checked out from the library. This was after we had already decided on dining there, which made us even more excited to see it in print! I may have a chance to get a few photos of the restaurant/food depending on what mood I am in. However, I will have many photos from the trip to share with you once I return.

Here are a few photographs from my last trip to the Smokies. Seeing this makes my eyes brighten and my mind race thinking of standing over the mountains. I can't wait!


  1. BEAUTIFUL..I live ina cabin in the Rocky Mountains and just posted on my blog about mountains too-yes, they are special..always changing

    enjoyed this post!! I have YET to be to that part of the country..looks beautiful too

  2. Yes, the smokies are beautiful. I have yet to visit the Rocky Mountains but plan to in my future. I'm following your blog now, the log rolling post is so interesting, the photographs are also great.